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Why are we waiting BMG?

Fri Jun 27, 2003 12:25 pm

Last year 'ALLC remix' was released and as we all know went to the top of the charts worldwide.
It was being played on air 2 months before it was released.
We have been waiting for the next single and all the rumors have been that 'Rubberneckin' has been remixed by top DJ Paul Oakenfold.
Unoffically, it is supposed to be out on Aug.18th.

We are still waiting for an Offical anouncement from BMG about this new single!!!
We want to know that it IS being released and when it is going to be broadcast on air.
Whats the delay?
Is their a problem?
This song needs airplay now for it to be a smash.
Please BMG, put us out of our misery and hurry up with the announcement .
Sean Ryan