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Any Import CD stores in Nashville?

Fri Jun 27, 2003 4:43 am

Hey Everyone,

I'll be in Nashville soon and was wondering if anyone is aware of any good stores for Elvis CD imports.



Fri Jun 27, 2003 5:08 am

[/b] if you find one let me know.. i don't live to far from nashville..


Fri Jun 27, 2003 7:26 pm

The only place I've ever seen any is at Phonoluxe on Nolensville Rd. They had some Elvis On Tour rehearsals about a year ago.

Fri Jun 27, 2003 11:33 pm

There are not any GOOD import stores in Nashville. Phonolux on Nolensville Road has some vinyl stuff, but not a good selection. This store has mainly used cd's and albums.

The Tower Records store on West End Ave. has some imports, but again not much Elvis.

With the country music 'industry' being right here they don't "advertise" imports to much.


Sat Jun 28, 2003 4:02 am

what about the great escape in nashville?

Sat Jun 28, 2003 2:47 pm

The Great Escape has mostly used albums and cd's. Not much in the imports. You might find the occasional 'stray' import at that store, but its rare.