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Memhis Recording Service

Tue Jan 10, 2006 7:38 am

I just got my box in the mail. Packaging and everything looks great but I am debating to open it. Is this thing going to be rare. I hate to dump another $50 or so to get a duplicate.

Tue Jan 10, 2006 1:21 pm

I was told they're doing a second pressing of it around february time.

Tue Jan 10, 2006 1:50 pm

I've heard that, too.

Got some neat pictures and artifact pictures in there - especially the picture of Elvis' Sun contract - I'd never seen that before. Thought I'd mention that if you're debating whether or not to open it. :)

Tue Jan 10, 2006 6:04 pm

oh damn..I'll just get another one.