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Birthday week report #2 (some more mind --- blowing stuff!)

Sun Jan 08, 2006 4:59 am

Some more interesting news learned today at the Fanclub luncheon, direct from EPE officials:

The empty space at graceland crossing later this year is going to be turned/transformed into a museum called "Elvis After Dark" which will contain some interesting stuff.... And as the name implies it will stay open later than Graceland and their shops.

Being unveiled in the Sincerely Elvis Museum March 1st will be a new exhibit "Elvis '56" which will, obviously celebrate Elvis' rise to stardom.

The Principle of (now) Humes Junior High School is/has petitioning/ed to have the school renamed the "Elvis Presley Junior High School".. And from what I candidly overheard being spoken by the Principle to another fan is that the deal is pretty much sealed. So the future of the school looks good. It won't be torn down - and we will hopefully have another "official" Elvis landmark in the city of memphis. Also there is a push to make official:
Elvis Presley Appreciation AND Awareness days in the Memphis City Schools.

As we all know - the slogan and advertising campaign at EPE the past year or two has been "Elvis Lives".
The marketing guy stated that he and his staff felt that they had to move on to another slogan to appeal to a wider audience. He stated that he asked his staff to describe Elvis to them --- with various answers "Elvis is Sexy", "Elvis is Rock 'n Roll", "Elvis is America"..
So EPE came to a rather brilliant epiphany (ouch, hurts to say that) and the slogan they will begin to use this year will be "ELVIS IS".

Elvis will be marketed to a wider demographic with various TV commercials and print ads. To roughly quote the marketing guy "When people are looking through magazines and seeing ads to visit New York City, Orlando, Las Vegas --- Etc. -- We also want to have in the same magazine, ads for people to visit Memphis and Graceland."

Ernst Jorgenson made a surprise (but very quick) appearance thanking everyone for the tremendous amount of support he had gotten while he was sick.
During a candid conversation with Mr. Jorgenson afterwards, I can report that he is looking great - and is still the same 'ol Ernst we know and love.

Dissapointing though, attendance didn't look much better at all around the Graceland area today. Though, the banquet hall at the Memphis Marriot hotel where they hold the FanClub President's luncheon didn't have very many empty seats. So it's my guesstimation that only the hardcore regulars made the trek this year.

Tis' it for now.

Sun Jan 08, 2006 5:23 am

The fans could be saving up for the 30th anniversary coming up in 2007. There must be a reason why there is such a low turnout so far. Perhaps tomorrow will be alot bigger and better :D

Sun Jan 08, 2006 7:20 am

That is great news Jordan! I knew they just had to turn the "Crossing" into something exciting! Did anyone really believe that it was going to be empty or a Country and Western museaum? Hopefully it will be a restaurant and bar like what they had downtown! That was such a cool place! The Elvis '56 exhibit sounds very interesting!

Elvis fan

Sun Jan 08, 2006 1:35 pm

VERY concerned about the new slogan, I'm afraid that it leaves it open for the media to insert whatever they want onto the end of it.