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Real Sales OF ELV1S

Mon Apr 21, 2003 12:02 am

In an effort to get behind the real sales of ELV1S as opposed to the RCA hype.

I have collated available Soundscan data for the 27 weeks since ELV1S release.

Soundscan records weekly sales and is regarded as the industry standard and does include on-line sales. It is the only reliable independent source.

What follows are USA sales only.

ELV1S re-appeared on the top 50 at position 43 this week after an absence of eight weeks.

The total sales for the charted 19 weeks (place 50 or below) is 1,500,288.
Assuming , although unlikely, he held position 51 for the "missing' eight weeks that would allow for another 160,000 sales - and that is on the most generous calculation.

Then the total USA sales to date are around 1,660,000.

We have been told more than once by Ernst and other RCA people that Presley's world sales ratios are 60% USA and 40% rest of world.

Even allowing a 50/50 split we only arrive at 3.3 million - a far cry from the CNN claim (inspired by RCA no doubt) of 16,000,000.

Even if this album bucked all history and the rest of the world outsold the USA by a factor of 5 we are still less than 9 million.

Back to the USA verified figure of 1.6 million - there is not enough record buying power in the rest of the world to reach 16 million. Think about - how many CD's sell more than say 3 million in Europe.

I am more than willing to be challenged on this - however let's have some hard data please. :?:

Mon Apr 21, 2003 12:29 am

Actually he only sold 2, I bought 2 copies. maybe 3, did u buy one Kiwi? ok, 3 at the most. its all hype. The Elvis machine is all smoke and mirrors baby! we all know the Beatles sold 50 million of their 1 album and thats no hype and true figures. E1 sold 3 at the most.

Mon Apr 21, 2003 12:47 am

KiwiAlan -

The sales of 'ALLC' prove that the old 60/40 ratio no longer applies.

The album "30 #1's" has already qualified for 3 million US sales according to RIAA.

As they are pretty strict about accepting record company claims at face value, we can assume this is an accurate figure.

I still think it will attain 10 million world-wide.

Colin B

Mon Apr 21, 2003 1:04 am

Kylan wrote:Actually he only sold 2, I bought 2 copies. maybe 3, did u buy one Kiwi? ok, 3 at the most. its all hype. The Elvis machine is all smoke and mirrors baby! we all know the Beatles sold 50 million of their 1 album and thats no hype and true figures. E1 sold 3 at the most.

Well, that's of course very subjective..... why should we believe that the Beatles sales are true, and the mentioned sales of Elvis CD's are all part of a big corporate lie?

I don't believe any of the mentioned sales. Not from the Beatles, not from Elvis, not from Madonna, and not from any other artist. Big companies alway manage to manipulate the salesfigures, because shop owners rather buy CD's that are topping the charts, than CD's that aren't in it (or dropping fast). Even costumers aren't interested in singles or albums as soon as the commercials stop playing on the tv, or if the single or album is dropping in the charts...

But what I do believe is that the "ELV1S, The Number Ones" was a huge hit. I can understand that The Beatles have sold more of their Best Of, but that's because there are only a few Best Of albums available from The Beatles. For the past 35 years, every Elvis fan around the world had the choice of dozens of low-budget, mid- and fullprice Elvis Best Of CD's at any time of the year. You want a "Best Of Rock'n Roll"? It's there. You want a "Greatest Movie Hits"? It's there. And so on.....

So what if the salesfigures aren't the truth? Truth is that Elvis has sold much more albums for the past 47 years, than he has been given credit to. Everyone with a bit of commen sense should agree with me on this.

Mon Apr 21, 2003 1:50 am

RIAA certifies for the amount SHIPPED, Soundscan is for over the counter sales only I believe. I could be wrong, but I think Soundscan does not include internet and direct-marketing sales that Billboard adds in to come up with the Top 200 albums.

ELV1S is selling about 20,000 a week now over-the-counter and over the next two years, factoring in Elvis Weeks and the holiday buying season, I am confident that E1 will average about 50,000 a week. 2nd To None promotion will increase E1 sales as well.

RCA's claims for amount of CDs sold make sense in my book. I do not feel this is pure hype, just gloating.

Mon Apr 21, 2003 2:15 am

Following is the list of gold and platinum awards for ELV1S 30 #1 HITS presented at Graceland during the Elvis Presley Day proclamation ceremony (Jan-03).

Africa - Platinum (over 50,000 sold)
Austria - Platinum (over 40,000 sold)
Australia - Platinum (# units not noted on award)
Belgium - Platinum (over 50,000 sold)
Brazil - Double Platinum (# units not noted on award)
Canada - Six Times Platinum (over 600,000 sold)
Chile - Platinum (# units not noted on award)
Denmark - Platinum (over 50,000 sold)
Finland - Double Platinum (over 60,000 sold)
Germany - Not labeled gold or platinum (over 300,000 sold)
Hong Kong - Platinum (# units not noted on award)
Italy - Platinum (over 100,000 sold)
Japan - Platinum (over 250,000 sold)
Korea - Gold (# units not noted on award)
Mexico - Gold (# units not noted on award)
Netherlands - Platinum (over 80,000 sold)
New Zealand - Triple Platinum (# units not noted on award)
Norway - Platinum (over 40,000 sold)
Portugal - Gold (over 20,000 sold)
Singapore - Triple Platinum (# units not noted on award)
Spain - Double Platinum (# units not noted on award)
Sweden - Double Platinum (over 120,000 sold)
Switzerland - Platinum for A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix) (over 40,000 sold) on same award with Double Platinum for ELV1S 30 #1 HITS (over 80,000 sold)
Taiwan - Platinum (# units not noted on award)
Thailand - Platinum (# units not noted on award)
United Kingdom - Triple Platinum (over 900,000 sold)
United States - Triple Platinum (over 3 million sold)

A gold or platinum award from France is expected, but for some reason did not arrive at the presentation. Gold and platinum from other countries could come in the weeks ahead. Upgrades to gold and platinum status in various countries could come as sales continue. So far, nearly 9 million units of ELVIS 30 #1 HITS have been shipped to retailers around the world.

Source: EPE (Jan-03)

9 m vs 3 m US sales. If the reports are true :
- the worldwide ratio of US is 33 % the total sales (not 50 or 60 %).
- it could easily (have) hit the 10 m mark

But what is more important is the world-wide E-exposure. A new generation (from many countries) seem to be ready to welcome the K1NG. To this new crowd th " 2 nd to None" will be crucial. Therefore a new remix is planned for.


ELV1S in addition to...

Mon Apr 21, 2003 6:51 am

the gold and platinum sales of ELVIS' GOLDEN RECORDS series, WORLD WIDE GOLD AWARD HITS VOL 1 & 2. (Boxed sets)
THE NO1 HITS, THE TOP 10 HITS and hundreds of "Best of" compilations around the globe.
Elvis's greatest hits must have out-sold any greatest hits compilation of any other artist, in my mind! I really don't worry about E1 sales!
They are fare beyond any expectations as far as I'm concerned!

Mon Apr 21, 2003 9:13 am

Thank all of you for your responce - even you Kylan!

Firstly Soundscan does include on-line and home shopping sales.

As Scotch points out - Soundscan measures sales whereas RIAA measures those shipped - and there can be a huge difference here. I can't speak for other countries but there are relatively large volumes of ELV1S being sold in in discount stores for as little as US$8.00. These would been counted by an RIAA system - but yet unsold to the public.

However Scotch for Elv1s to sell an average of 50,000 per week over the next two years would give it a top 200 placing of 25-30 every week. This clearly is not and will not happen. Even 20,000 a week would place it around 45-55 every week!.

And finally Albert if we don't accept this data then we are saying that we don't believe the Billboard charts and therefore don't believe that Elvis's number ones a genuine.

I would love to know the real RCA sales over the years. They would not be near as high as we are lead to believe.

For example, correct me if I'm wrong, but none of the last two box sets sold more than one thousand in Australia - in a population of 20 million - that would give sales of about 3,000 each in the UK.

Checking the RIAA web site (which may be out of date) ELV1S is credited with 2,000,000 sales - a big difference to Soundscan 1.6.

As both systems are independent of one another and of record companies and both are have strict guidelines and are audited we can only assume that each are telling the truth as they see it.

Therefore the only conclusion that I see is that there are half a million copies of ELV1S in the USA system yet unsold.

I accept that ALLC would have upset the ratio - and in a huge way as far as the single was concerned thanks to Nike. This would translate into album sales - but to what extent we do not know except to say a five to one ratio in favor of non-USA would seem unlikely.

I was motivated to start this thread on the claim on this board that apparently CNN had sales at 16 million - which seemed very spurious to me. If we don't attempt to correct this sort of comment as they happen they gather legs and after a few years become gospel.

In the same way the EPE claim back in January was pure BS - like who can disprove it?

Mon Apr 21, 2003 9:45 am

Hmmmm you are asking the fans to not believe that elvis sold too many records ...when they are being complaining that the RIAA is not helf correct.

You'll find answers like Kylan. This is going to be a myth like Aloha from Hawaii being watched by a billion people !


Mon Apr 21, 2003 10:37 am

btw.... it seems that most of you forget that the only that is measured are the sales to the shops, NOT the sales to the costumers. A long, long time ago, they tried to measure the real sales to costumers, by phoning to a couple of shops and ask them how many albums they have sold. The shops tried to improve their status as bigsellers and gave up higher numbers than the actual sales.

So they started to measure the sales from record companies to the shops. Overstock in the shops aren't (and can't be) measured.

Mon Apr 21, 2003 11:29 am

Hey! What do costumers have to do with this? The word is "consumers" :)

Mon Apr 21, 2003 11:32 am

Or maybe "customers" ! Sorry for being a mini-Spellbinder ! :D