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Fri Jun 27, 2003 9:56 pm

That's an interesting point Vinyljunkie about "Crying in the Chapel" and 1965. However, I think Elvis' audience could have been growing or regrowing in both periods even if he weren't attracting great numbers of young people. His music in the 70s was not teen music and it is no great stretch to imagine he was attracting a large number of adults maybe even new adults to his music. I think comeback is a strong word but he was doing better than he did in previous years.

Geneism- to make you feel better Kiss and Elvis set a record in 1977 for the most platinum LPs certified in one year (3). Elvis' titles were "Moody Blue", "Elvis in Concert" and "The Wonderful World of Christmas". I don't know what the Kiss titles were. I saw this tidbit on a thing they used to have on TV called "This day in Music History".

Fri Jun 27, 2003 10:15 pm

really interesting topic .
in a previous topic , i've told about all those bands who just sell their new album by their name . they might be reach the billboard top 5 and go down at the same speed . i don't talk about the "new" singers or bands who can stay much much longer at the top of the billboard , i'm talking about the "legends" of Rock .
they sell records but not millions and millions and millions but you can bet their so usual world tour will be sold out from the first date to the last ! AC/DC, Motorhead, KISS, iron maiden, deep purple, rolling stones etc.....
RCA and the colonel have acted the same way ...they did not try to change the menu ! they did not understand when and how push to reach the top . The concerts tours were sold out , so what's the matter !!
The matter is in the fact than an artist need to play on stage AND be creative ; i really think Elvis was fed up with this same and same and same routine and he lost any interest for recordings sessions . Elvis was in really bad compagny , they use their toys to gain their money forgotting their puppet was a man