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The upcoming Elvis Anthology dvd series

Wed Jun 25, 2003 12:09 pm


About the rumours of an Elvis Anthology DVD series next year:

Is it CONFIRMED that RCA/BMG/the Elvis Estate will release this?
Does anyone know for a fact that they are working on it right now, as mentioned on several sites?

Will this be an extended "This is Elvis" sort of experience?
Hope not.
I hope they do it RIGHT this time, with in-depht focus on ALL of Elvis' career, not just the bright good ol' days.


Wed Jun 25, 2003 12:15 pm

EPE has been working on this for a while now. I just hope we get a lot of previously unseen/unavailable footage. :D


Wed Jun 25, 2003 12:22 pm

And please keep Satan (also known as Bono) and other so-called modern stars out of this project! "Elvis Lives" was a complete DISASTER!

Keith Richards, Jr.

Unseen footage

Wed Jun 25, 2003 12:22 pm

Hi Sam!

Yeah, let's hope there's a lot of unreleased footage, when it's eventually released!

Hopefully the goal is to equal the Beatles Anthology, which is great!
If the Estate can put together something like that, it will be worth the wait!


Wed Jun 25, 2003 12:25 pm

Hopefully the goal will be to better the Beatles Anthology, which would be possible if they put everything(endeavour wise) into the project. :wink:

I like the Beatles Anthology to. :D

Wed Jun 25, 2003 12:35 pm

An 'ultimate' anthology would be like this:

1] No 'voice over' on the performances.

2] If a narrator must be used, not an Elvis imitation.

3] Complete performances - no crafty editing.

4] No 're-enactments' with actors.

5] Lots of unreleased stuff.

6] Presentation should be in optimum audio & video quality.

7] Complete story - warts & all, please.

My mouth is watering already !

Wed Jun 25, 2003 12:44 pm

Yes Colin. I agree with you. One of my pet hates is when the performance is ruined by someone talking over it. With DVD they could have a seperate track for commentary. That would be good being able to turn the voice off. :D


Wed Jun 25, 2003 12:48 pm

Sam -

Yes, good point !

I had forgotten the new technology could allow that.

Let's say that the anthology DVD should give the choice of seeing/hearing the performances without any distractions !

Wed Jun 25, 2003 2:05 pm

But why, again, is Elvis following in the footsteps of The Beatles?
Like the No.1 compilation, maybe there's some sluggish work happening.

Wed Jun 25, 2003 3:44 pm

If EPE have used The Beatles Anthology as the benchmark for how rock documentaries should be made, then the forthcoming Elvis Anthology should prove to be the definitive Presley documentary that fans have been waiting for. “This Is Elvis” had it’s fair share of shortcomings which have already been discussed here in the past, whilst the “Great Performances” documentaries don’t really give a complete overview of Elvis’ career. It’s also worth noting that “Elvis Lives” was intended as a promotion vehicle for the “ELV1S” album, rather than an in depth biography feature.

A series of documentaries featuring interviews with those that were there at the time, Elvis’ own recollections from interviews and press conferences, and complete performances including previously unseen footage is certainly something to look forward to.

Wed Jun 25, 2003 3:56 pm

If they do this anthology, how much unreleased footage do they really have to work with?
I think a great narrator for that project would be John Leader who narrated the incomparable "The Legend Of A King".
Maybe he's too old now but he did such an amazing job and has an excellent radio voice.
Due to the fact that footage would be coming from so many different sources
(mainly the movie footage and other private collections) I imagine it would be quite an expensive endeavor.
I await with eager anticipation!!!


Wed Jun 25, 2003 4:24 pm

We would no doubt be amazed, as to what the estate has of unseen footage, etc.etc.

Wed Jun 25, 2003 7:18 pm

The Beatles Anthology really is amazing DTS soundtrack and complete performances with no talking over. I for one would be happy if any Elvis anthology was of a similar standard.

Wed Jun 25, 2003 8:14 pm

There is tons of stuff that I doubt anybody knows about. No harm in doing like the beatles did. Have images of elvis done in a intelligent ways and then playing some of the HUNDREDS of gems found recently. The problem is that BMG/RCA has not really promoted what they have. THe rewards could be endless. It HAS to be done right though. DTS is a must(the Aloha footage would benefit), also ALL facets of Elvis career should be mentioned. Insight into every recording session. I mean really, how much have they talked about Elvis Gospel stuff, or even the 68 special? I am not talking about historians speaking about how great it is, I am talking about insight in the process and what Elvis went through. It COULD be better than the Beatles anthology that is for sure. BMG/RCA has MUCH MUCH more material to work with. I for one am very interested in any anedoctes one has to offer. Think about all the movies and the stories that could be attached. I think Elvis career is truly facinating. Why shouldn't it get the same treatment as the Beatles? Elvis deserves better. For a man that recorded so much, we have so little of any REAL information. Half the guys don't even know one movie to the next. I hear the same stories OVER and OVER again. I simply refuse to believe that there isn't more to Elvis. Listening to complete recording sessions, there is defintely more to offer!!!

Wed Jun 25, 2003 9:50 pm

I agree to most of the postings on this thread. They really do need to make it right.
The Beatles Anthology is fantastic!!
One question that Keith Richards JR mentioned. Why shouldn't current artists such as Bono be interviewed? Why do you call him Satan? I think you've called him that before and you've never explained why? That's not a very nice word to call a Christian!

jeff R

Thu Jun 26, 2003 12:15 am

I don't get all the pointless Bono bashing either. His narration on G.P. III or as it was previously known, "Elvis From The Waist Up," was well-written and delivered. The Irish accent suggested the impact Elvis had internationally, especially delivered by a notable contemporary rock icon.

The best VO I've ever heard for an Elvis project was Levon Helm for Elvis '56. Interesting rhythms, voice with Southern character baked into it, and another great rock icon!

Thu Jun 26, 2003 2:13 am

psk wrote:The Beatles Anthology really is amazing DTS soundtrack and complete performances with no talking over. I for one would be happy if any Elvis anthology was of a similar standard.

You must be joking. Have you watched this Anthology. They ruin my two favourite clips Revolution and Hey Jude with talk over etc. and I'm sure they aren't the only clips to be ruined this way.

Thu Jun 26, 2003 4:49 am

Beatles "Anthology" covered the years 1957 to 1969 -- 12 years -- with a nod to their births, beginning in 1940 with Ringo.

The DVD is 6 discs.

Elvis' career covered 1953 to 1977 -- 24 years.

How many DVDs will we get? I doubt it will be 12 discs.

Thu Jun 26, 2003 5:14 am

Hey Doc we can only dream right? I hope so. I would buy it!

As far as the Bono, I don't think celebrities should be present at all, unless they is a direct connection ie..Nancy Sinatra. Still the less..the better. I think the focus should be the music. Elvis has always been discredited in documentaries. Now that is not to say that all have been bad, but rarely has the slant been toward the music. It is about time they give Elvis some credibility as a musical force. Perhaps no one understood all types of music lie E did. It is so important to me for them to get this right. I have no problem whatsoever with them copying the style of the Beatles anthology. At least we would get a decent documentary. Perhaps Elvis would finally get the respect he deserves!

Thu Jun 26, 2003 9:53 am

Jeffrey and BIA:

I don't like Bono. That's all. He's too much in love with himself, and he hasn't recorded a good or even decent song in, like, 16 years. His poem in "Elvis Lives" was just so embarrassing. And what has he got to say about Elvis? "Elvis ate hamburgers, and he turned into a opera singer in the end!" Shut up...

Anyway, that's not the point.

I was just saying that we do not need any so-called stars like Britney or Bono to tell us that Elvis was a great artist. Their opinions are worthless. What we need, and deserve, is a project focusing on Elvis alone, with lots of unseen stuff, a great narrator, the true story, and interviews with people WHO WHERE THERE.

I for one don't care what so-called stars think about Elvis. Sure, I like it when real artists like, say, Bruce Springsteen voices his opinion on this subject. But it doesn't really belong in this project, it belongs in a music magazine or something.

I'll stop calling Bono Satan, I promise. I don't want to upset anynone.

Keith Richards, Jr.


Thu Jun 26, 2003 12:22 pm


My personal wishlist regarding this anthology dvd set:

ALL tv appearances from the 50s should be included in their entirety, with NO talking/narrating over them.

The COMPLETE appearance on the Frank Sinatra show in 1960.

ALL interviews Elvis ever gave for tv, radio, press conferences should be included in some way; with or without edits.

In-depth presentation of the 1968 comeback special, with many UNEDITED highlights, including previously unreleased film material.

Highlights from TTWII, with live appearances from all the shows that were filmed for the movie.

Highlights from EOT, the same as above.

Highlights from Elvis in Concert.

ANYTHING they have in the vaults from other shows/concerts!

Private movies, both previously seen and unseen material.

In-depth presentation of Elvis in the movies, with snippets from every movie.

In-depth presentation of Elvis' fantastic career as a whole (from start to end), with interviews and commentaries from people who WERE THERE when it all happened!

Lots of Elvis music (audio only) in addition to this, plus photo gallerys with both well-known and rare pictures.

This is a start! :D

Sure there's much much more that can be added to this list...


Thu Jun 26, 2003 3:42 pm

From - - -

Does EPE have a major Elvis documentary in the works?

One very special project we are now pursuing is the creation of the be-all-end-all documentary on Elvis' life and career – a comprehensive, multi-installment television presentation with expanded content on home video and DVD. It has been a dream of ours for some time. Presently, our target date for completion and release is sometime in the latter part of 2004, the 50th anniversary year for the release of Elvis' first record and the start of his career.
Whenever we have any updated information we can share, we will post it immediately.


Thu Jun 26, 2003 4:24 pm

Thanks for the info, Rich_TCB!

Hopefully we'll have this next year, then!
That is, IF the Estate manages to be on time, for once..!


Thu Jun 26, 2003 5:43 pm

great list Kristian, I would like to add ONE MORE TIME. Commetaries on the music sessions. I for one would like to hear more about the technical aspect of his music career. I for one have heard Elvis say "this is going to be the one" in reference to a take. It being say take 20 something and BAM it is the master!! Also how about the fact that Elvis said that at one point they are wasting tape...and he was right!! This is something about Elvis that should be adressed. Elvis was a master in the studio. He knew when it was too slow, who was too loud or too soft, he even knew himself. The nature of his recording right after the army when his was like "Yes Mr. Wallis Sorry sir" in reference to him being asked to stop snapping his fingers on the GI Blues sessions...but then him kind of smarting off and saying "it must have been my teeth chattering!". This showed the man that Elvis would become. It wasn't too long before he would become the master of the studio.

Not too mention stories like Chips Moman putting him in line...cutting him off. Though it seemed to make Elvis mad, it was the control he needed. I hope this kind of stuff makes it.