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Elvis introduces Billy Ekstine

Sun Jun 22, 2003 11:38 pm

Help please! On one of the "import" concert CDs, Elvis introduces the 1940's singer Billy Ekstine. Can anyone tell me which "import" this introduction was on? Thanks.

Mon Jun 23, 2003 12:39 am

Yes, this is found on Disc 1 of A Profile on Stage (Fort baxter). It comes from the May 27. 1974 3 a.m. show in Lake Tahoe. While introducing him. Elvis sings a line or two of Eckstein's big hit "I Apologize," just as he did at the September 22, 1962 session for It Happened at the World's Fair.

Mike C

Mon Jun 23, 2003 1:57 am

Thank for your help. :D

Mon Jun 23, 2003 3:56 am

You are welcome :)