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Idea for Second To None-A DVD sampler

Sun Jun 22, 2003 2:06 am


I was thinking about 2nd To None and how last year Wal-Mart had an exclusive audio interview CD that came with E1 of Elvis' press conference in March 1960.

I got to thinking that maybe BMG/RCA should team up with EPE with regard to their ultimate Aloha and '68 Comeback Special DVDs and package a DVD Video Sampler of what EPE has in store for their ultimate Aloha and '68 Comeback DVDs. This would surely help sell 2nd To None and it would promote what EPE has planned for their ultimate editions.

This DVD sampler could even possibly include Are You Lonesome Tonight? from the '68 Comeback and Johnny B. Goode from Aloha From Hawaii in case EPE can't get the publishing straightened out when their ultimate editions do come out. This way the fans would still have all the material from the television specials. The only problem is that Are You Lonesome Tonight? was performed twice so both performances would have to be included on the sampler for the completists. Surely BMG/RCA would have a better chance obtaining the publishing to put these out on DVD than EPE since they are constantly dealing with the publishers of these songs throughout the years. What I am suggesting is that BMG secure the publishing for the DVD sampler only. Also I am curious as to if Norah Jones' version of Are You Lonesome Tonight? will be featured on the expanded 100 minute DVD version of Elvis Lives that BMG is putting out in October.

Surely I think this is a better idea than the notion that EPE just put the video of the performances without the sound that they can't secure publishing for and make the viewers cue their audio CDs. I believe EPE suggested this idea at one time as an alternative. Lastly this DVD sampler could include other footage, interviews, etc.

It goes without saying that tying a CD audio release with a DVD can be successful (and I'm not talking about That's The Way It Is - Special Edition). I'm talking about the success of the recent Led Zeppelin audio CD and DVD set.

I'd like to know what others think of this idea.