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If you are having log-in problems. Please Read.

Wed Oct 26, 2005 2:06 pm


Jordan Ritchie here from J.E. World Ltd™/ElviCities™

It has come to my attention that it appears that since the forum software had been updated to the latest version, that some of you are not able to log-in.

It is apparent that the upgrade process caused some minor glitches in the system. Particularly user profiles. Of which shouldn't be happening since the software is the newest production version release.

It was something though that had to be done. My choices were to keep running the old version of the forum with security problems - Or upgrade, have no security problems, but have the possibility of some glitches in the system. Needless to say - Security is a top priority.

So if you are able to read the posts on this forum, but can't reply (providing of course you are a registered member) - or if you are unable to login to your account, please send an E-Mail to:

And please include in your E-Mail:
1.) Your Username
2.) A brief description of the problems/errors that you are experiencing.
3.) The approx. date you first noticed the problem.

I will then be able to further investigate and restore your account to its proper settings.

Of course if you are having any other technical related issue regarding the forum, please feel free to use the above email address for them as well.

My top goal as the service provider/host for this site and forum is to ensure that EVERYONE is able to participate with no technical problems. If it were a perfect world, glitches like this wouldn't happen.

Your cooperation as always is greatly appreciated.

Jordan Ritchie

ElviCities CEO

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