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Wed Oct 26, 2005 5:29 pm

speak hell all the man had to do was stand there! even in concerts Elvis said himself " if this is all i gotta do then i've got it made" its been said that he loved the tv show laugh-in and thought about making an appreance.. as far as his studdering goes the country singer Mel Tillis made a career out of it..

Thu Oct 27, 2005 7:56 am

He might have gotten more if he would have been a schmoozer. However, I do know that the biggest reason he didn't get more is that the Grammys are very conservative and most voters were unlikely at that time to recognize the virtues of a rock record. They even got rid of the best rock record category in the mid-1960s. Even today they have a hard time picking and choosing as once you win once in a category you seem to win that category forever.

RCA's clout was enough to get Elvis a few token nods in the late 1950s and early 1960s. So, maybe some kiss up by Elvis would have made a difference.

Thu Oct 27, 2005 5:20 pm

I suppose the biggest "robbing" Elvis became a victim of, was that he never got to do things with other celebrities.
Like, he never got to make movies with very famous actors as co-stars. I suppose the most famous ones were Ann-Margret and Mary Taylor-Moore, but even back in the 60s those names weren't the hottest. Barbara Stanwyck was quite famous too, but wasn't her career kinda fading by 1965?
He never got to have his own TV show on a regular basis, nor participating in others - like the Johnny Cash show, Tom Jones show, or other popular shows in the 70s.
He loved gospel, but never got to record with any of the big names, except from Jake Hess. And when Elvis wanted "If the Lord wasn't walking by my side" to be a duet with Jake, Jake was still turned way down in the mix, and only stands out a little bit compared to the other backup singers.
We know Elvis met Mahalia Jackson in 1969, just imagine a gospel album where Elvis sings duets with Mahalia, Jake Hess, JD Sumner, James Blackwood. I mean, Elvis personally knew all the "big names" in gospel, but wasn't allowed to work with them.
He was never allowed to perform outside of the US in the 70s.
He was "stuck" in Las Vegas, and being reduced to "Event nr 8" on the Houston Astrodome, and didn't play any big, famous stadiums/arenas except from 4 shows at MSG.
All these possibilities are things that Elvis was robbed for, and I can't help but thinking that some things might have been different, had he been given more opportunities to do other things.

Thu Oct 27, 2005 7:17 pm

I said on a tread a few months ago,that when he had a 45 out,going on to the top tv show/s at the time to sing it etc,would have seen bigger sales than doing what he just did...the show = millons concerts = 1000"s.

Thu Oct 27, 2005 10:12 pm wrote:I think that Elvis could do a t.v. show of his own.
this way he could his latest recorded at the time with even more
better performance then his live concert's in the 70's.

i can see it now Elvis singing with Dean / Johnny Cash/ and a few others.

He did two tv shows of his own, maybe you are too young and missed them?

68 Singer Special and 73 Aloha from Hawaii.

What else do you do for an encore?

Thu Oct 27, 2005 10:18 pm

InMemphis wrote:What else do you do for an encore?

The 1974 Easter TV special! :P

Thu Oct 27, 2005 10:25 pm

Graceland Gardener wrote:
InMemphis wrote:What else do you do for an encore?

The 1974 Easter TV special! :P

Ha, yeah.

The attempt of the CBS concert was good in giving us Elvis at a rate of every few years on TV, unfortunately it didn't turn out too well, but it was viewed by as many as saw the Singer special.

I was just implying that Elvis was too big for a 3 minute slot on the Carson show. He was too big for TV back then. But these days, in the time of pay per view, imagine the money he could make. A live HBO pay per view concert.