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How many versions of This Is Elvis are there?

Thu Jun 19, 2003 5:12 pm

In the UK, they're showing this film next week.

From what I've seen on this board there are two versions - which one is best and if 5 are showing the shorter version, what is left out?


Thu Jun 19, 2003 5:46 pm

Hi london, there are 2 versions of This Is Elvis, 1 and half hours and 2 and half hours, the one half version was the one that went on the pictures in the early eighties, and has the complete "Are You Lonesome Tonight" from "In Concert", the 2 and half doesn't. This has "Love Me" instead. Plus there is loads and loads of differences.

Not got time to list 'em all

You need both versions, and only one is available to buy



Thu Jun 19, 2003 10:16 pm

I saw THIS IS ELVIS at the Cinema. The video tape I've got, somehow made me confused!
The tape I've got, wasn't what I recall from the theatre! I tend to think there are more versions than two!?

Thu Jun 19, 2003 10:47 pm

Bajo -

The theatrical version was 'cleaned up' for TV & video release.

Even the long version.

Fri Jun 20, 2003 6:36 am

It appears there are three versions of "This Is Elvis":

1) theatrical release (aired on cable later)

2) theatrical VHS release (edited for language)

3) VHS expanded release (edited for language, added content, deleted "Lonesome" for "Love Me")

Note: EVERY version of this documentary truncates EVERY single song. When I attended the Fresno, California premiere in 1981 -- yes, <i>Fresno</i> -- it was immediately noticeable and irrritating.

The use of July 1970 TTWII rehearsal footage as if it were filmed at Burbank in June 1968 was also a poor decision.

Then we got an odd June 27/29 edit of "Blue Suede Shoes" where you see Elvis (on June 29) totally frustrated by the studio band's missing his cue to end the tune! Another bad choice.

Oh well, in 1981 you took what you could get. Remember, this was the year of the heinous and hate-driven Albert Goldman biography, too.