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An Interview with the Col.

Thu Jun 19, 2003 8:57 am

A Classic Col Tom Parker Interview

This interview was at the Las Vegas Hilton when the first Elvis stamp went on sale. There were all the impersonators there and Col. Parker. The Interview was done by the little Aussie bleeder Norman Gunston. I have this on DVD.

Norman goes to the table and shakes the Col's hand and this is the transcript.
Norman, “Hi Norman Gunstan from Australia, a great pleasure to meat the worlds most famous manager Col Tom Parker. You um.. You are Col Tom Parker not an impersonator?
The Col, “In Person?”
Norman “Impersonator”
The Col, “Maybe I am, but if I am , do you think I’m a good one?”
Norman, “I think you’re terrific. This stamp idea, was this your idea?”
The Col, “No….No, no, no, the fans did that.”
Norman, “ The job they did on the stamp. Do you think it’s a good likeness?”
The Col,” Yeah,… You know…. I can recognise him.”
(A bit of a smile from the Col.)
Norman, “ Oh yeah , so can I. But a little bit of artistic licence,,” (then the Col tries to get out of the conversation and a woman tries to get Norman to go)
Norman,” Oh can I just ask one last question, one question? The great mystery of the age…. What are your eleven secret herbs and spices?”
The Col looking confused, “What are my what?”
Norman, “Your eleven secret herbs and spices.”
Col.very confused looking to his female helper and asking her,”Do you know what he’s saying?”
The female to Norman.”You have him confused with Col. Sanders who makes Kentucky fried chicken.”
Norman “oh,, arh’
The female, “This is not Col Sanders and the other people are going to have to….”
Norman to Col “So you’re not….?
Col. “No”
The woman interrupts trying to get Norman away from the Col.
But the Col. Says to Norman, “If I was Col. Sanders I wouldn’t be sitting here.”
Norman,’ No, …. wouldn’t you?.... No coz there’s something in those eleven herbs and spices that are giving me the runs to.”
The Col tries to tell Norman how much Col Sanders is worth as the woman Says next please.”
Norman looks at the camera and says,” Col. Tom Sanders, the real one.”

Norman has done many other great interviews. One with a group that named themselves after him. Gunston Roses. He had them in stitches.

Thu Jun 19, 2003 10:24 am

I remember that one, and many more :lol:
He was before his time. I reckon he was great.
But this is getting off topic I suppose.