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Just relistened to 8-19-74-Soundboard or audience?

Thu Jun 19, 2003 4:41 am

Hello Elvis friends,

Is this opening night CD "Sunset" in August of 74 coming from a soundboard or good audience?

This is really a refreshing show. Too bad the fans keeped
Elvis in a box. This was the year Elvis really needed to
revamp his show like this.

Thanks, Sean

Thu Jun 19, 2003 5:15 am

to my knowledge it is a soundboard recording, but im going by memory.

Thu Jun 19, 2003 6:57 am


Excerpt of a review by Lonnie Mercer posted on FECC:

"The original tape of the rehearsal, recorded on a normal
cassette deck connected to the studio's soundboard, produces
surprisingly good quality sound but isn't normal studio quality.
The concert was recorded from the 'mixing desk'."