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Elvis recording sessions books questions

Wed Jun 18, 2003 10:26 pm

Having been recently digging deeper into the recording sessions, and armed with the excellent book by Ernst Jorgenson, I wonder what are the major differences between this book and the Joe Tunzi sessions books.

Clearly the issue of J. Tunzi's Sessions 3 is imminent, but maybe those of you who have the previous volume(s) as well as Ernst's could give a comparrison.

Also, was the Sessions 2 book largely different to the first volume. I ask this as it might give some benchmark as to the differences one might expect between volumes 2 and 3.

In short I guess I'm asking - if you have one authors Session Book is it necessary to have both. I'd prefer considered opinions rather than 'They are both great get them' type replies. ;)

Thanks in advance.

Wed Jun 18, 2003 10:48 pm

Ernst’s book gives you the story behind the music, whilst Joe’s books are a handy reference source that detail what was recorded at each session in chronological order, without the added biographical information. It’s also worth noting that Ernst only lists performances that have already been issued, whilst Joe’s books also make reference to previously un-issued performances, and even speculates on what may also be held on in the RCA vaults. “Sessions II” also included additional information about what was filmed by MGM for “TTWII” and “On Tour”, along with a discography, and list of essential bootlegs.

The original “Sessions” book used exactly the same format as “Sessions II” although the second volume was obviously updated. It’s my guess that “Sessions III” will include all of the information that was featured in the second volume, along with the expected updates.

Wed Jun 18, 2003 11:43 pm

ClintReno -

Ernst's book is better for the studio stuff.

Joe's is better for the 'live' stuff.

Ernst's style is a little 'official' & stiff, with Joe's style being a little more 'gossipy'.

The two books complement each other nicely.

Each new Tunzi book is simply an update on the previous one.

So much more detail is being uncovered all the time & Joe updates us with all this.