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Photos from Elvis' 70's recording sessions

Wed Jun 18, 2003 10:17 pm

Whilst there are extensive photographs available from the 50's sessions, photos from the recording sessions of the 1970's (and to a large extent the 60's) seem to be all but non existant. Asside from a picture of Elvis and the group from Nashville 1970.......a couple of photos of Elvis arriving at Studio B in 1971 etc what else is there ?

Any photos of other 70's sessions exist ?

Thanks in advance.

Thu Jun 19, 2003 3:35 am

Some photos from the Stax sessions in ´73 have been published. There is one in the Essential Elvis Vol.5 booklet (page 7). The same photo is in Tunzi´s Elvis Sessions book, and it shows Elvis with Wayne Jackson (July ´73). Also, in the booklet for Walk A Mile In My Shoes box set.

Tunzi´s Elvis Sessions II book has photos from both Stax sessions, but only of Elvis in his car (July 22 and December 16).

But what about the photo in Tunzi´s Highway 51, Memphis Tennessee. On page 106, a photo of, as the caption says, "Elvis with his karate instructor, Kang Rhee, after the July 23, 1973 Stax recording session". But is this photo really taken during the Stax sessions? They are both wearing karate uniforms. Why? For Ol´ Times Sake?