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More COOL songs needed to complete EP-inspired compilation!

Wed Jun 18, 2003 9:36 pm

I'm busy burning my own personal cd-r of cool Elvis-inspired songs to take with me in the car. So far I've come up with these:

1. Walking in Memphis (Mark Cohn)
2. Riding with The King (John Hiatt)
3. Black Velvet (Alannah Myles)
4. Calling Elvis (Dire Straits)
5. Graceland (Paul Simon)
6. From Graceland to the Promised Land (Merle Haggard)
7. Get Rhythm (Johnny Cash)
8. Went to see the Gypsy (Bob Dylan)

The idea is to create the ultimate Elvis-inspired songs-album (not cover-album!), songs that blend well together (have that road feel if you know what I mean...). Songs that revolve around Elvis or Graceland-Memphis-Las Vegas linked with Elvis, not sappy stuff (like "I remember Elvis Presley" by Danny Mirror :? ) but driving music that celebrates Elvis and is good in itself. I think there's place for +/- 20 tracks on this cd-r.

Anxious to see what you guys and girls come up with! :D

Wed Jun 18, 2003 9:43 pm

Hello James -
I believe there is a rare Billy Joel song called "Elvis Presley Boulevard" that is the type of song you're looking for. I'm not positive, but I believe this was only released as a b-side circa 1979. Good luck tracking this down!
There is also a song by Bruce Springsteen entitled "Bye Bye Johnny" that would be good for your compilation.

Wed Jun 18, 2003 9:47 pm

Yes, Pete is right.

I have this 45 rpm - I think it's the B-side of "Allentown".

Geez - I haven't heard that song in a long time. Might have to give the turntable a spin 8)



Wed Jun 18, 2003 9:55 pm

Kings Call - Phil Lynott
Raised On Rock' Roll - Jerry Reed
Big Train From Mempis - John Fogerty
Free Fallin' - Tom Petty

springing to mind...

Wed Jun 18, 2003 9:57 pm

Hey Rich -
What year did that tune come out? I only heard that song on a jukebox at a bar I used to hang out in way back when (I was usually 6 sheets to the wind when I played it!).

Wed Jun 18, 2003 10:10 pm

Elvis On Velvet - The Stray Cats
Hey Elvis - Bryan Adams

Wed Jun 18, 2003 10:33 pm

Hi Pete:

If I'm correct with the A-side (Allentown) - then the single probably came out in 1981-1982.

"Allentown" was released on the album "The Nylon Curtain" which was released in 1982.

I'll have to check my 45 rpm to see if it's dated.



Yes - the A-side is in fact "Allentown" and was released in 1982.
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Wed Jun 18, 2003 11:31 pm

"Never Been to Graceland" - Charlie Sexton
"My Boy Elvis" - Janis Martin

Fri Jun 20, 2003 3:16 am

Thanks everybody! Some of the songs mentioned are hard to find at my local library, but a few I have been able to locate there. Additional suggestions are still welcome! :)

Fri Jun 20, 2003 12:56 pm

Per Gessle: Elvis in Germany

Fri Jun 20, 2003 12:57 pm

Prefab sprout: King of rock n roll

Fri Jun 20, 2003 1:18 pm

Weird Al did a song called "Velvet Elvis", but it's more in the joke realm, and there's one line I don't like... but Al is a big Elvis fan, so that's cool. :)

Fri Jun 20, 2003 4:25 pm

There's a song by U2 called "Elvis Presley and America".
Not a classic but not so bad.

Elvis Presley and America
Black flash over my own love
Tell me of my eyes
Black flash come though my own life
Telling these things
And I believe them
And I believe in you

White flash sees the sky
And it turns its side from you
She won't turn my back
And I know you turn so blue
And you know
And your sky is feeling blue
And your heart
So cold when I'm with you
And you feel
Like no one told you to
And your time is your side
And your time with me
Ah, don't talk to me
Ah, don't talk to me
Don't talk to me

You know
Like no one told you how
But you know
Though the king that howls has howled
But you feel like sentimental
But you don't care
If I just share it in your heart

So hopelessly
I'm breaking through for you and me
And you don't
Though no one told you to
And you found out
Where you were going, where to
You're through with me
But I know that you will be back
For more

You know
And though no one told you so
And you know, blue sky
Like a harder shade of blue
And you walk
When you want
To let go
Me, I'm the outside, tell me fade away
Drop me down but don't break me
In your sleep

In your sleep, inside
It's in your heart and mine
Whole sea is dark
It's in your heart and mine

Sweetly, those will come
Loving is on your side walking through
So let me in your heart
Your beat is like something...

See say you're sad and reach by
So say you're sad above beside
Oh stay you're sad over midnight
So stay sad above we said

You know I don't
No one told you how
(and you don't)
(and you wipe sweat off your white brow)
And you care
And no one told you tried
And your heart
Is left out from the side

And the rain beats down
And the shame goes down
And this rain keeps on coming down
And this sky

You know "S" "O" "N" "G", why
You're going go join to God
You know "S" "O" "N" "G", why
Give away some him no lie
Give away some my de day no

You know
And though no one told you sky
And you feel
Like you pretend you can
You say go, you live
Go live outside of me
Don't you leave
Don't leave out part of me
Then can feel
Like I feel before
Like I hurt now
And I see the floor
If you pick me up
Bits and pieces on this floor

Fri Jun 20, 2003 5:59 pm

maybe not about Elvis but he mentions Elvis in the lyrics
Free fallin' with Tom Petty

Cry Like Memphis

Sat Jun 21, 2003 4:24 am

How about the wonderful Wendy May song from Joe's new DVD? Cry Like Memphis........ free download even.........

Sat Jun 21, 2003 4:32 am

Oh yeah, I love Cher's version of "Walking In Memphis"

The 1991 K-Tel Cd "Tribute To Elvis" has some wonderful songs on it.

The King is Gone -- Ronnie McDowell (The only time I have ever thought he acutally sounds like Elvis)
Goodbye King Of Rock "N" Roll - Leon Everette
A Letter To Elvis - Odie Palmer
Memories of the King - Elvis Wade
Dark Cloud Over Mempnis - Johnny Tollison
Elvis Has Left The Building - J.D. Sumner (VERY AWESOME!)
Birth To A Legend: Goodbye to a Friend - Jiommy Carr
Statue of A King - Roger McDowell
We're Sure Going To Miss You Old Friend - Jack Hickox
Goodbye Bing, Elvis and Guy - Diana Williams
Candy Bars For Elvis - Barry Tiffin
He's Gone But Not Forgotten - Jimmy Ellis

Most of these are from '77-'81. Very cool CD......... I remember begging my mom to buy it 12 years ago....... I am glad I did. ... egory=1057

Now I am sad as I am listening to it. Very depressing CD. But cool.

I will try to get the files up on a program. What does everyone use most?

Kazaa? WinMx? Those are the two I have.

Up Now

Sat Jun 21, 2003 4:55 am

The CD is up now for awhile on WinMx plus

Cher - Walking In Memphis
Billy Joel - Elvis Presley Blvd
Wendy May - Cry Like Memphis

user name elviskicksass2004

I will try to find some more from my J.D. Cd's. I know he has another one or two.

Added some other cool things, maybe not tributes but good stuff.

Norah Jones from "Elvis Lives" - Are You Lonesome Tonight

The King ( NOT Doug) - Sweet Home Alabama, to bad Elvis didn't do this one for real...........

South Park Eric Cartman and Elvis - In The Ghetto Remix --> Funny as hell!

Sat Jun 21, 2003 6:53 am

Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much

"Okay, so what do you think you're Elvis or something..."

Sat Jun 21, 2003 11:21 am

There's a country song called Alcohol and Pills. I can't remember who sang it. He mentoines Elvis in there. He sings elvis died on Alcohol and pills, the idiot.

more..elvis-related songs

Sun Jun 22, 2003 9:08 pm

well, there's a song "bigger than elvis" on sonny burgess
album round 96. it features scotty moore & the jordanaires!!!
mojo nixon's "elvis is everywhere!" from the 80's
and on "take me to your leader" mojo sings to aliens
"didnt take them to ny, moscow, etc..
and I didnt even take them to Memphis!..."

from Finland

Sun Jun 22, 2003 10:14 pm

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Elvis inspired song

Mon Jun 23, 2003 12:49 am

How about a song from Frank Zappa:

"Elvis has left the Building"

from Broadway the hard way

Maybe as the last track on the CD ?

Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
Ike Willis (guitar, vocals)
Mike Keneally (guitar, synthesizer, vocals)
Bobby Martin (keyboards, vocals)
Ed Mann (percussion)
Walt Fowler (trumpet)
Bruce Fowler (trombone)
Paul Carman (alto saxophone)
Albert Wing (tenor saxophone)
Kurt McGettrick (baritone saxophone)
Scott Thunes (bass)
Chad Wackerman (drums)
Eric Buxton (vocals)

Elvis has just left the building --
Those are his footprints, right there
Elvis has just left the building --
To climb up that heavenly stair

He gave away Cadillacs once in a while;
Had sex in his underpants,
Yes, he had style!
Bell-bottom jump-suits?
That's them in a pile,
But he don't need'em now,
'Cause he's makin' Jesus smile!

Elvis has just left the building --
Those are his footprints, right there
Elvis has just left the building --
To climb up that heavenly stair

The Angels all love him,
He brings them relief
With droplets of moisture
From his handkerchief!
Cher'bim 'n ser'phim
Whizz over his head --
Jesus, let him come back!
We don't want Elvis dead.

Elvis has just left the building --
Those are his footprints, right there
Elvis has just left the building --
To climb up that heavenly stair

So what if he looks like a wart-hog in heat?
He knows we all love him --
We'll just watch him eat,
So take down the foil
From his hotel retreat,
And bring back The King
For the man in the street!

Elvis has just left the building --
Those are his footprints, right there
Elvis has just left the building --
To climb up that heavenly stair
He's up there with Jesus, in a big purple chair

another one....

Mon Jun 23, 2003 1:04 am

by the PIXIES:

"Letter to Memphis"

The day since i met her
i can't believe it's true
she came here from memphis
across the ocean sailing
and i saw her a i pleaded
why do you come so far and she said

trying to get to you
how i tried to get you
trying to get you

i'm sending a letter
i'll send it right to you
i'll send it to memphis
i know that someday
everything i needed and i wanted
used to be that my head was haunted
and all these sirens they make me mad
and all this violence it brings me down
i feel strong i feel lucky

trying to get to you
said i'm going to get to you
trying to get to you.