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What would you prefer to be the format of "2nd To None"?

Top Ten Hits only (10 from U.S. not on E1, remainder from U.K.)
Top Twenty Hits and "essential songs"(including If I Can Dream, That's All Right)
Top Hits and "fan favorites"(such as Guitar Man, Big Boss Man)
Worldwide Hits (such as "Joshua Fit The Battle", "Kiss Me Quick")
Total votes : 42

What would you like "2nd To None" to include?

Sun Apr 20, 2003 2:24 pm

Just wanted to know what others thought.

If you feel the poll should have included another choice, please include other ideas on the thread. Thank you.

Re: What would you like "2nd To None" to include?

Sun Apr 20, 2003 5:14 pm

I would "2nd to no one" include world wide hits, because I think ARTIST OF THE CENTURY covers the "best performances/most requested".
While world wide hits, would include top 10 hits that were not in the US/UK top 10.
Several singles made the top 10 in AUSTRALIA, EUROPE and CANADA.
I think it would be a more interesting "Hits" collection.
Still, I feel that records like THAT'S ALL RIGHT MAMA, MYSTERY TRAIN, GUITAR MAN, BIG BOSS MAN, U S MALE, PROMISED LAND, FOR THE HEART, MOODY BLUE and MY WAY should be included if space permits!

Sun Apr 20, 2003 6:31 pm

I would advise to compilate an album with songs that would appeal to a large amount of non-Elvis fans. This album is not for fans, because we already have the songs. It's to attract more (new) fans.

In other words, "essential songs" should be out of the questions.

Sun Apr 20, 2003 10:47 pm

just the top ten hits.

Sun Apr 20, 2003 11:27 pm

Sorry if you've heard this before - only its top 10 HITs for me or failing that Worldwide Hits (including#1's) . I don't think Elvis minor hits should replace major hits. The public voted for thier favourites when they bought the records.

The songs that the public put to the top of the charts have more historical importance and will have more meaning to todays record buying public. The Elvis critics were silenced -rather than pandered to when 30#1HITS ( a statement of fact) was such a hit.

The major misconception about Elvis that I see is that he wasnt a success in the 60's & 70's. Critics run that part of his career down and theres no visible product to contradict thier comments. Theres enough top ten hits from the US & UK from the 50's, 60's & 70's to make a great album. To tinker with it would be to undersell Elvis achievements. How many of the general public are aware of all the top ten hits ELvis had throughout his career? Why underplay that?

Sticking to the top ten hits might change a few misconceptions and help to put the record books right. I've seen far too many hits and love songs compilations to make a postive judgement on them. So long as people like the album and its successful thats all that matters.

Who are the fans that are going to pick the favourites anyway?

Mon Apr 21, 2003 12:04 am

paulwood wrote:Sorry if you've heard this before - only its top 10 HITs for me or failing that Worldwide Hits (including#1's) . I don't think Elvis minor hits should replace major hits. The public voted for thier favourites when they bought the records.

The fans that bought a single and make it a top-10 hits, aren't the same folks that are the targetgroup of this release. This coming CD isn't a FTD release, but a way to please as many as possible people....

Mon Apr 21, 2003 2:12 am

As the follow up to E1 I just think the album would carry more weight with the public if it were just top 10 hits.

The songs that made the top ten are all good ones and I think letting people know that Elvis had many top ten hits is a good thing. If its not just a top ten hits album its a 'best of' -and whos going to agree on whats best?

Just my opinion but I don't think 30#1 HITs would have had the same impact if it had just been 30 Hits that fans like.

Mon Apr 21, 2003 2:29 am

I am a bit confused here:

Top Twenty Hits and "essential songs"(including If I Can Dream, That's All Right)
Top Hits and "fan favorites"(such as Guitar Man, Big Boss Man)
Worldwide Hits (such as "Joshua Fit The Battle", "Kiss Me Quick")

Is there a (agreed) definition of:

"Essential songs" (from the Top 20 hits)
"Fan favourites" (from Top Hits)

Was "Joshua fit the Battle" a worldwide hit ?


Mon Apr 21, 2003 3:09 am

My personal feeling is this; The 30 hits should attempt to be what was the most popular/historically significant in the U.S. and U.K.
"King Creole" and "Wild In The Country" were #2 in the U.K. but not a hit at all in the U.S., many times this is because the same singles were not released in both countries. I would prefer a Top 20 hit from both countries like "Such A Night" and "If I Can Dream" be included than a hit that went high in one country but would be considered not a hit at all in the other. I also feel the Sun singles "That's All Right", "Baby, Let's Play House" and "Mystery Train" should be looked at in terms of historical significance and not be discounted simply because they were regional hits before RCA promoted Elvis nationally.

Fan favorites(favourites for my friends across the ocean) are subjective and would indeed be different depending on the fan asked. This is why I feel that the set should be the hits from the Top 20 of both countries aside from 3 Sun songs.

"Josua Fit The Battle" was a #1 song in Sweden, I believe. "Kiss Me Quick" was a huge hit in Asia. The Worldwide Hits concept is noble, but the tracklist would end up being so varied that is wouldn't make for a very good CD, in my opinion.

Mon Apr 21, 2003 3:26 am

Scotch looking further down the line wouldn't 'Top 20' Hits be a good follow up to 'Top 10' Hits?

Not all fans know what songs ELvis had top 10 and top 20 hits with so sticking with the formula - these albums would be statements of fact
like 30#1HITs.

Mon Apr 21, 2003 3:48 am

Scotch, I agree that Such a Night / If I can Dream/ Kiss Me quick are essential "2 nd to none" - releases

I think that "Suspicion" should be included as well

Take care

Mon Apr 21, 2003 4:23 am




BLUE MOON - 1956 #9 (UK)

LOVE ME - 1956 #2 (US)

PARALYZED - 1957 #8 (UK)

PARTY - 1957 #2 (UK)


I BEG OF YOU - 1958 #8 ( US)


KING CREOLE - 1958 #2 (UK)

I GOT STUNG - 1958 #8 ( USA) #1 ( UK)


A MESS OF BLUES - 1960 #2 (UK)


I FEEL SO BAD - 1961 #5 (US)

LITTLE SISTER - 1961 #5 (US) #1 (UK)

ROCK-A-HULA BABY - 1962 #1 (UK)

BOSSA NOVA BABY - 1963 #8 (US)

LOVE LETTERS - 1966 #6 ( UK )

DON'T CRY DADDY - 1969 #6 (US) #8 (UK)

I'VE LOST YOU - 1970 #5 / A/C CHART / #9 ( UK)



RAGS TO RICHES - 1971 #9 (UK)




ALWAYS ON MY MIND - 1972 #9 (UK)

MY BOY - 1974 #5 (UK) #1 / A/C US CHART - 1975

PROMISED LAND - 1974 #9 ( UK)


SUSPICION - 1976 #9 ( UK)

MOODY BLUE - 1977 #1 COUNTRY (US) #6 ( UK)

MY WAY - 1977 #2 / COUNTRY (US) #9 ( UK)

IT'S ONLY LOVE - 1980 #3 ( UK)

Mon Apr 21, 2003 5:46 am

I would like all the songs on 2nd To None to be in the Top 10 aside from these:

That's All Right
Baby, Let's Play House (which was #10 Country)
Mystery Train (which was #11 Country and the B-side to a Country #1)
Viva Las Vegas (#17 U.K.)
Such A Night (Top 20 in US and UK)
If I Can Dream (#11 U.K., #12 U.S.)
and perhaps One Broken Heart For Sale (#11 U.S., #12 U.K.) and Kentucky Rain (#16 U.S.)

I would MUCH rather have only Top Tens if the alternative was a hodgepodge of songs like "Riding The Rainbow", but if the songs are chosen with care, 2nd To None will have the ultimate tracklist.
I would not like to see follow-up after follow-up. I want 2nd To None to be the one and only sequel to E1. BMG should update and expand the Golden Records series to provide undeniable proof that Elvis was the ultimate hitmaker. Imagine a box set with five Golden Record titles that contained a total of 125 hits from the U.S. and U.K.(most of which were also hits around the world). This "Golden Record" box would nail the coffin of those who discount Elvis' impact.

Mon Apr 21, 2003 10:40 am

I don't agree. They should stick with top 10 only. This will save good material for a 3rd and final collection of the top 20 songs. Don't you guys know that people love trilogy's!! People LOVE to collect. Problem is that most artists can't sustain, and the second collections usually suck. NOT the case with E. This could be a record breaking time, and also helping to restore credibility to boot!! SO I say save If I Can Dream and Kentucky Rain for a 3rd set. Sequels(I know I can't spell worth a damn, it keeps getting worse. lol) sell!

Mon Apr 21, 2003 10:46 am

Hey Genesim,
That's one cool pic you got there. :wink:


Mon Apr 21, 2003 12:13 pm

Genesim, you spelled "sequels" correctly, now you just need to work on "woman". lol :twisted: (by the way, nice pic. I'll go ahead and buck the trend with you and have a non-Elvis pic, too.)

Like I said in another thread, the fact that Paul Wood disagrees with me has caused me to rethink my position, but after thinking I still agree with myself.

A trilogy would be a decent idea, but what would the third segment be titled? 3rd Rock From The Sun perhaps?

Mon Apr 21, 2003 6:30 pm

Thanks for the compliments guys. Love the album the picture is based on. Did you know he sang "When You Wish Upon A Star" on that album?(Don't answer this, just offering trivia) He claimed it as the HEAVIEST song that was ever made. Guess it had to do with a litlle son of a jewish camp survivor making it Big!!

Woman will always be women with me. lol Think about them all the time, don't matter where or when. I could be dying and breathing my last whisp of air, and I would probably still glance at a designated area, and have a final thought. lol

Anyway, I digress. IT is a tough decision on the 60's vs the 70's. There are so many things I can name about either decade. I think MOST people agree, that Elvis had a long way to go, and his career did not STOP with the 50's. His voice wasn't developed, and his style was limited. True I do see small signs of what is to come here and there(that's when your heartache begins- b side first recording sounds so haunting comaparing it with are you lonesome tonight ~7 years later!).

Ultimately, it comes down to this with me. I became a fan when I heard some music of the 50's. I became a FANATIC when I heard Elvis Is Back. The 70's to me is a reiteration of what I love so much. Great music as well(despite the ramblings of some). Elvis had the style and Aloha is never going to be forgotten. This is what fans remember.

Another reason is I am a romantic at heart. The 60's has a mature love feel. Not teeny bopper like the 50's, and not recalling or retrospect like the 70's. The 70's remind me of Sinatras Capitol albums like Point Of No Return, or Only The Lonely. Though Elvis is MUCH MUCH cooler. Plus you can't beat Thats The Way It Is!

For the 60's IT is about the Fight for the love. WHether it is about whining for the Girl Of His Best Friend, or whether it is the undying love of Can't Help Falling In Love. Hell Even the songs like They Remind Me Too Much Of You, or Something Blue, have that merit. Though the fight is obviously over, there is either hope or flat out jealousy, BUT never really laying down. The movies have tons of these songs, no matter how corny they are. The feel is perfect and that is the Elvis I like to emulate. Who knows, when I get older, maybe I will change my mind.

On the new cd coming up, the top ten only is a must!!! I want a Return Of the Jedi, please don't end it with Empire!! Should they save AMERICAN TRILOGY for the 3rd part of the trilogy? nah!

Tue Apr 22, 2003 12:03 pm

But Genesim, Empire was the best Star Wars movie, Return Of The Jedi was just the first movie all over again! Remember, with sequels comes unwanted aspects such as Jar-Jar. :cry:

I love We Can Make The Morning and High Heel Sneakers as much as the next guy, but do they need to be on a compilation? I feel BMG needs to better utilize the original catalog, including the Golden Record series to reintroduce Elvis to younger fans, but if they do go for a trilogy, then "An American Trilogy" would indeed be a great title for a discounted bundle of the three CDs.

Thu Apr 24, 2003 9:27 am

My one and only "bump". I know many collectors don't give a rats you-know-what about greatest hits sets, but I'd still like a few more people to vote. TYVM

Thu Apr 24, 2003 11:35 am

No Scotch Starwars was the best movie, that is the movie most people remember. Empire was more serious, but there is no Obi Wan and Vader saber fight, and with me that just don't cut it. Istead we get a whining Luke...NOOOOOO Thats IMPOSSIBLE!! lol Return of the Jedi, though not on par with the others is still a worthy sequel. Now I didn't say stretch the it to 4 discs. That is over kill!! No no Jar Jar.

Can you not see that Elvis could fill 3 discs or are saying it would be a Phantom Menace!!! I seriously doubt it. Saving some of the stronger songs(which that would happen if you only used top 10's), would make a very good 3 disc set. Besides, what is wrong with We Can Make The Morning and Hi Heel Sneakers, I am betting they would go over, but did they really make top 10?

My problem with "essential" is this: Who decides what is Essential!!! With top 10 hits only, there is NO arguement. See what I mean?

Thu Apr 24, 2003 11:39 am

As a side note. Empire is the worst selling movie of the series, though I would put it firmly at 2nd place with Episode II then Return, then the Phantom joke!!

Thu Apr 24, 2003 2:13 pm

Empire is the better movie, but because it is darker some people don't like it as much. I rate them:
The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars: A New Hope
Attack Of The Clones
Return Of The Jedi
Phantom Menace

and I am hoping Episode III will be my new #2. But back to Elvis... :lol:

I was saying We Can Make The Morning and High Heel Sneakers are great songs, but that they do not need to be on any compilation.(they didn't make any Top 10 that I'm aware of)
I would like 2 greatest hits compilations, no mas. I feel new fans need to move on to original albums and recent collections after buying 2nd To None.

Deciding what songs are essential is not as subjective as one might think. Most of us agree that That's All Right, If I Can Dream and Baby, Lets Play House are essential songs in the recording carreer of Elvis. I would argue that Viva Las Vegas has become so linked to Elvis in the past 10-15 years that it also qualifies to be on a follow-up to E1. Same thing with Blue Suede Shoes, just look at some reviews on and the like. Many people say, "when was Wooden Heart a hit?" and then ask where more well-known songs on E1 were. Having a "Top Ten" set that has just ten "Top Ten" songs from the U.S. will face the same problems. "Party", "King Creole" and "Wild In The Country" were near the top of the chart in the U.K., but are not known here(in the U.S.) at all. On the other hand U.K. Top Ten "Blue Suede Shoes" and U.K. Top Twenty "Viva Las Vegas" are well known here, so there can be a balance struck by using the charts of BOTH countries and seeing which past hits were popular in both lands and which HITS have become more significant. 2nd To None should still include ONLY singles, no album cuts. Some massive hits in each country could and should remain on the set, such as U.K. #1 Rock-A-Hula Baby. I'm simply asking that hits be used to create the follow-up, but they not be looked at in a vacuum, but in a historical context so that the best and most well known hits wind up on the set.

Thu Apr 24, 2003 6:56 pm

Looks like we agree for the most part on Star Wars series. Can't wait for III love them more than Lord Of The Rings

Ok, If it is a good track list, then I would love the 2nd disc. The problem. I JUST KNOW something would be left off. If My Way 77 doensn't make it, I will be very disappointed. Besides it needing to be there, it also isn't available in any good quality. We shall see. If there were 3 cd's there is more likely a way that they get all the Essential songs we like. With only 2 discs. There is big room for error. But then again. F em and I got them all anyway! Either way, I am looking forward to the follow up!