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Paul Evans CD 'Happy Go Lucky Me'

Tue Jun 17, 2003 1:22 pm

:o Just got this 2003 released CD today it features quite a few songs that Elvis sang such as 'The Fool','I Gotta Know','Something Blue',Roses Are Red','The Next Step Is Love',' other Demo's that had been sent to Elvis to consider recording in 1977. these 2 were:- 'Tender Moments' and 'Quiet Desperation'.
It is a VERY interesting CD because so many of Elvis's versions closely follow Pauls Demo's. however I must say that the last 2 songs(that i don't think Elvis had heard?maybe he had??) simply wern't the kind of song he would have recorded! Tender Moments is the weaker of the 2 but "I wouldn't trade instead for a thousand years of wealth Tender Moments" just doesn't seem to be the kind of line Elvis would have been happy to sing.'Quiet Desperation' has a very interesting musical arrangement but it's lyrics about blowing their minds up with guns as a way out of this world in a church graveyard seems far too sinistar for Elvis too have ever recorded in 1977! This was my impression i don't know what other think?? :roll:

Tue Jun 17, 2003 3:52 pm

The songs grow on you after more listening and they sound 'fine' but i still worry about the acceptability of the lyrics!? :?