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Amsterdam Review

Mon Jun 16, 2003 4:02 am

Amsterdam, Juny 8, 2003

First time, First row!

What a great world-class evening! I have seen a few concerts in diffrent countries, but never "Elvis-The Concert", because I am a fan since 2002. So I was extremely thankful that I was able to travel the 250 miles to the Netherlands and attend the show. First impression was not that good, because only 2 doors for all those people! It was really the only downer.

Merchandise: you could get T-Shirts, boxershorts, posters, programs, drum sticks singed by Ronnie Tutt, keychains, FTD CD's....It was packed with people.

The hall was diffrent to what I had seen before and I noticed that the seats filled up long before the floor. That was probably why we got the be in the first row, right infront the boxes at the left side of the stage. If you did not see it there were also boxes on the floor beside the stage. I knew what to expect because I had read earlier reviews, but when the band came on stage behind the curtain it hit me! This is going to be a very special once in a liftetime event! When 2001 started, the sound blasted out of the boxes, through the floor and barrier into the body. It was incredible, electrifying and gripping from the first to the last tune. A perfect journey through music history!

I didn't notice the diffrences to other shows, camera angles etc., but I realized that they put on a perfect outstanding performance and seeing Elvis so close on the screen without anyone in the view was superior! Everyone was having a good time. It'll always be a very special memory of mine! Thank you for this dynamic, forceful, powerful, spirited performace. Just phemonenal!

My favorite songs in no particular order were
"Are you lonesome tonight" "Bridge Over Troubled Water" "Trilogy" "Polk Salad" "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" "Trouble/Guitar Man" "If I Can Dream" and "How Great Thou Art"