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Can someone specify the content on the 11 TTWII dvd's

Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:13 pm

ok guys...these are the 11 dvd's:

10.8.70 0S

can someone (that has them) more or less specify the content in each of them (complete songs, incomplete songs, dialogues, candid footage etc).
Pkease the fans that don't have the luck to own them yet will really apreciate it!

Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:16 pm

forgot also about the 6 dvd's with silent footage!!!
Please tell us about the content on those too!!

Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:21 pm

But which ones are these ? That's only 17 in total.

Which parts of the ones that some people have relate to just the 17 that are being touted around ?

Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:35 pm

This is a breakdown of the six, largely silent discs (pasted from elsewhere on here)

July 14, 1970 39 minutes
1. Elvis arriving; at MGM lot -silent- 6 minutes- multi angle reel 10 016
2. Elvis jamming-silent- 3 minutes-reel 11 016
3. Dialogue-Words-sound- 5 minutes
4. The Next Step Is Love (from TTWII)-sound- 1 minute
5. Polk Salad Annie (from TTWII)-sound-1 minute
6. Elvis walking in to studio -silent-1 minute
7. Elvis listening to You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me -sound- 2 minutes
8. Elvis listening to Bridge Over Troubled Water -sound- 2 minutes
9. Elvis listening to The Next Step Is Love (1 min), dialogue 1 and a half minutes then various shots including band members- silent- total 7 minutes
10. Polk Salad Annie -clowning around-sound 2 minutes
11. Words, dialogue, Words-sound-1 minute
12. Bridge Over Troubled Water - sound-2 minutes
13. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me -complete- –sound-3 minutes
14. Eating lunch - last minute no picture-sound- 2 minute
August 4/August 14/ July 15/29 1 hour 30 minutes
1. Aug.4- You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (mostly no picture)- Bridge Over Troubled Water -silent- 11 minutes-reel 7 011
2. Aug.4- Farther Along – Something - Santa Claus Is Back In Town - Don’t Cry Daddy- In The Ghetto (50 seconds)-sound- 12 minutes-reel 8 011
3. Aug.4- similar to chapter 2 through Santa Claus Is Back In Town -silent 11 minutes-reel 9 011
4. Aug. 14- camera behind Elvis-That’s Alright-Love Me Tender-Audience shots-silent- 8 minutes-reel 12-009
5. Aug.14- All Shook Up-Blue Suede Shoes- One Night-Audience shots-sound- 4 minutes-reel 8 010
6. Aug.14- camera behind Elvis-Suspicious Minds (shoulder roll), Can’t Help Falling In Love - with shot of audience-sound- 8 minutes-reel 10 009
7. Making Elvis signs- silent-2 minutes
8. July 15/29 including “A Fool Such As I” -various shots- silent- 4 minutes-reel 11 016
9. July 15- Yesterday-I Can’t Stop Loving You-sound- 5 minutes-reel 5 012
10. July 29- You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (from TTWII)-Stranger In The Crowd -sound-5 minutes
11. July 29- I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water - I Was The One - Baby Let’s Play House (from Lost Performances)-sound-7 minutes
12. July 29-.Don’t-Money Honey (from Lost Performances)-dialogue-sound-5 minutes
13. July 29-Something-Dialogue-Words-sound-8 minutes
August 4, 1970 56 minutes
1. Felton Jarvis with Sweet Inspirations and The Imperials-sound- 8 minutes
2. Elvis walking in-silent-4 minutes
3. Elvis talking to Sweet Inspirations-sound-2 minutes
4. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me -sound-4 minutes
5. Bridge Over Troubled Water -sound- 8 minutes
6. Santa Claus Is Back In Town -sound-2 minutes-reel 7 011
7. Don’t Cry Daddy-sound-2 and a half minutes

August 10, 1970-Opening Night-1 hour 30 minutes
1. Elvis back stage-sound-3 minutes
2. That’s Alright-Mystery Train-sound-close-7 minutes
3. That’s Alright-Mystery Train-silent-7 minutes
4. begins middle of That’s Alright-end of I Can’t Stop Loving You-Love Me Tender-silent-7 minutes-reel 4 008
5. That’s Alright-Mystery Train-I Can’t Stop Loving You-Love Me Tender-silent-11 minutes-reel 5 008
6. end of The Next Step Is Love, beginning of Words-silent-close-1 and a half minutes- reel 8 009
7. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling -sound-4 minutes
8. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (only audience)-2 minutes-Polk Salad Annie (beginning no picture)-4 minutes-sound- total 7 minutes- reel 5 006
9. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me - Polk Salad Annie-silent- 7 minutes- reel 7 006
10. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me - Polk Salad Annie -close angle- silent-7 minutes- reel 8 006
11.You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me -Polk Salad Annie (beginning only)-camera behind Elvis last 3 minutes-silent-close-7 minutes-reel 9 006
12. Patch It Up-Can’t Help Falling In Love -close angle- sound-6 minutes-reel 5 002
13. Patch It Up-Can’t Help Falling In Love -silent- 5 minutes-reel 6 002
14. Patch It Up-Can’t Help Falling In Love (no picture for a lot of song)-silent-close-7 minutes-reel 7 002
15. Backstage-silent-1 minute
August 11 DS Part One-1 hour 30 minutes
1. Dialogue (3 minutes)-Heartbreak Hotel (1:40)-Dialogue (1:40)-Love Me Tender (2:10)-sound-close-9 minutes- reel 12 002
2. Dialogue-Heartbreak Hotel-Dialogue-Love Me Tender-silent-9 minutes-reel 2 002
3. Dialogue-Heartbreak Hotel-Dialogue-Love Me Tender-silent-8 minutes-reel 3 002
4. Heartbreak Hotel (starts middle of guitar solo)-Dialogue-Love Me Tender-silent-poor angle-5 minutes
5. I Just Can’t Help Believing-sound-7 minutes-reel 9 002
6. Dialogue (2 min), .I Just Can’t Help Believing (missing picture part of song)-I Can’t Stop Loving You-silent-10 minutes-reel 10 002
7. Dialogue, I Just Can’t Help Believing-I Can’t Stop Loving You (good angle)-silent-10 minutes-reel 11 002
8. Dialogue, I Just Can’t Help Believing (no picture first 5 minutes)-I Can’t Stop Loving You-sound-10 minutes reel 12 002
9. Bridge Over Troubled Water -Suspicious Minds-sound-11 minutes reel 1 012
10. Bridge Over Troubled Water -Suspicious Minds-silent-9 minutes- reel 2 012
1. Bridge Over Troubled Water (missing a lot of picture)-Suspicious Minds-silent-11 minutes-reel 3 012
2. Bridge Over Troubled Water -Suspicious Minds-silent-good angle-11 minutes-reel 4 012
3. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling- Polk Salad Annie-sound-11 minutes-reel 1 011
4. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling (missing a lot of picture)-Polk Salad Annie -silent-close-11 minutes-reel 2 011
5. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling (missing some of picture)-Polk Salad Annie (shows 13 more seconds of missing ending-silent-11 minutes-reel 3 011
Total 3 hour 55 approx...

August 11 DS Part Two -30 minutes
6. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling -Polk Salad Annie-silent-11 minutes- reel 4 011
7. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling - Polk Salad Annie (includes entire 18 second ending)-silent-8 minutes- reel 5 011
8. Elvis backstage after curtain falls-silent- 41 seconds- reel 6 011
9/10. Vegas signs-silent-13 minutes
August 11 MS-Part One-1 hour 30 minutes
1. Back stage-silent-3 minutes
2.That’s Alright (see Elvis only 1 min.30sec)-I Got A Woman--audio only first two minutes-rest silent- mostly band members- 10 minutes- reel 4 015
3. shots of guitar, band members-silent-2 minutes-reel 5-015
4. That’s Alright (no picture), I Got A Woman (no picture), Hound Dog –sound-7 minutes-reel 4/5 -010
5. Hound Dog-silent-close- 5 minutes
6. first 4 minutes no picture-I Got A Woman (1 minute)-Hound Dog-silent- 8 minutes- reel 6-015
7. no picture-silent-6 minutes- reel 7-015
8. I Just Can’t Help Believing (band shots)-sound-4 minutes
9. I Just Can’t Help Believing-silent-picture only last 30 seconds- 5 minutes-reel 2-016
10. band shots-silent- 5 minutes-reel 3-006
11.Walk A Mile In My Shoes (no picture at end)- You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling-sound-8 minutes-reel 2-021
12.Walk A Mile A Mile In My Shoes (some green)- You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling (only 2 minutes)-silent-close- 6 minutes-reel 3-021
13. Hound Dog-silent-side angle-1 minute
14. Walk A Mile In My Shoes - dubbed sound but no picture or sound last 4 minutes- 7 minutes
15. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling- dubbed sound-5 minutes
16. Walk A Mile In My Shoes – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling-silent-close-8 minutes-reel 2-013
17. end of I Just Can’t Help Believing-Walk A Mile In My Shoes -shows back up singers-silent-5 minutes-reel 3-013
18. Walk A Mile In My Shoes -side angle-1 minute no picture-silent-4 minutes-reel4-013
19. Walk A Mile In My Shoes – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling-silent-7 minutes-reel 5-013
20. Walk A Mile In My Shoes -close-multiple angles-back up singers-silent- 3 minutes-reel 7-013
21. back up singers-a lot of green-silent-3 minutes-reel 8 -013
22. Walk A Mile In My Shoes -some green-silent-3 minutes-reel 9-013
23. Aug.12 MS- Polk Salad Annie -Audience walk-sound-some green -10 minutes- reel 6-005
24. Aug.12 MS- Polk Salad Annie -Audience walk-sound-far angle-a lot of green-11 minutes-reel7-005

August 11 MS Part 3-1 hour 25 minutes
2. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling-sound- 4 minutes
3. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling-silent-close- 2minutes
4. Polk Salad Annie -see only 1 minute-sound-2 minutes-reel 4-021
5. Polk Salad Annie -see last 25 seconds-sound-2 minutes-reel 5-021
6. Bridge Over Troubled Water (see Elvis only for a few seconds, see band members, feet)-Suspicious Minds (close-see Elvis for 2 minutes but no moves)-sound-9 minutes-reel 7-008
7. Mostly no picture or sound- 45 seconds of Suspicious Minds at end- 10 minutes-reel 8-008
8. One Night-Don’t Be Cruel, Love Me, Heartbreak Hotel (a little bit)-close silent- 9 minutes-reel 1-015
9. One Night-Don’t Be Cruel-Love Me- Heartbreak Hotel (a little bit) far angle-Andy 3:58 remaining-silent-10 minutes-reel 2-015
10. One Night-Don’t Be Cruel-Love Me-Heartbreak Hotel (some)-first 2 minute blank-silent-10 minutes-reel 3-015
11. Aug.12 MS-Words-Sweet Caroline-silent-6 minutes-reel 6-007
12. Aug.12 MS-Words-Sweet Caroline-silent-close-6 minutes-reel 7-007
13. Aug.12 MS-Words-Sweet Caroline-far angle-silent-6 minutes-reel 8-007
14. Aug.12 MS-Words-Sweet Caroline-silent-blank first 2 and a half minutes-mostly green-6 minutes-reel 9-007
August 12 DS-Part One-1 hour 25 minutes
1. Backstage-silent-1 minute
2. Dialogue (3 min.)-. Heartbreak Hotel-Dialogue (2:30)-Love Me Tender (part one)(2:30 don’t see Elvis)-sound-no picture first 2 minutes and during dialogue-9 minutes-reel 9-005
3. Dialogue-Heartbreak Hotel-Dialogue-Love Me Tender (part one)-sound-close-no picture part of Love Me Tender-10 minutes-reel 10-005
4. Love Me Tender (second part)(3 minutes)-I’ve Lost You-sound-no picture for Love Me Tender, part of Lost-7 minutes- reel 9
5. Love Me Tender (second part)(no picture first 2 minutes)-I’ve Lost You (no picture part of Lost)-silent-close angle-7 minutes- reel 10
6. Love Me Tender (second part)-silent-no picture last 3 minutes-7 minutes-reel 11
7. Love Me Tender (second part)-silent-4 minutes- reel 12
8. End of I Just Can’t Help Believing (35 seconds)-Patch It Up-Dialogue (3 minutes)-sound-8 minutes
9. End of I Just Can’t Help Believing-Patch It Up (some green)-Dialogue-silent-close-8 minutes- reel 7-12
10. End of I Just Can’t Help Believing-Patch It Up (some green)-Dialogue-silent-8 minutes-reel 8-12
11. End of I Just Can’t Help Believing-Patch It Up (only a little green)-Dialogue-silent-good angle-8 minutes-reel 9-12
12. Intros (4 minutes)-Dialogue (2 minutes)-Blue Suede-You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me –Dialogue (30 seconds)-sound-no picture part of Introductions and Blue Suede Shoes- 10 minutes
13. Introductions-Blue Suede Shoes-You Don’t Have-Dialogue-sound-no picture first 7 minutes, part of Blue Suede Shoes, part of You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me-10 minutes-reel 4-reel 4-004
14. Intros-Blue Suede -You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me -Dialogue-sound-close-10 minutes-reel 5-004
15. Dialogue-Blue Suede Shoes-sound-multiple angles-3 minutes-reel 6-004
17. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me -sound-multiple angles- 2 minutes-reel 7-004
18. Suspicious Minds (see mostly back up singers)(6:40)-Can’t Help Falling In Love -sound-10 minutes-reel 8-005
19. Suspicious Minds-Can’t Help Falling In Love -sound-no picture first 4 and a half minutes-see shoulder roll-9 minutes-reel 2-005-With reels 2 and 8,
20. Backstage before show-silent-3 minutes-reel 3-005
21. I Just Can’t Help Believing? -Silent-3 and half minutes
22.-making signs-silent-reels 4/5-009- 12 minutes
Total running time 3 hour 58

Aug.12 MS Part One-88 minutes
1. Walking on stage-1 minute
2. Mystery Train (3 minutes)-Dialogue (5 minutes no picture)-Love Me Tender (part)(1:30)-sound-no picture part of sounds-Love Me Tender picture only last minute-10 minutes-reel 1-003
3. Mystery Train-Dialogue-Love Me Tender (part)-sound-close angle-10 minutes-reel 2-003
4. Mystery Train (some green)-Dialogue (no picture 3:30)-Love Me Tender (part)-sound-10 minutes-reel 3-003
5. Mystery Train-Dialogue (no picture 3 min)-Love Me Tender (part)-sound-10 minutes-reel 4-003
6. Mystery Train-sound-poor angle-mostly green- 6 minutes-reel 5-003
7. Love Me Tender-sound-3 angles- about 5 minutes for each angle-16 minutes total; 13:10-reel 10/11-003
8. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling-reprise (part)-sound-4 angles-about 1 minute for each angle-4 minutes total
9. Heartbreak Hotel (2nd half only)-One Night-Blue Suede-All Shook Up-Little Sister/Get Back(some green)-I Was The One(a few seconds only)-sound-12 minutes-reel 1
10. One Night-Blue Suede-All Shook Up-Little Sister (green beginning and guitar solo)-silent-10 minutes
12. One Night-Blue Suede-All Shook Up-Little Sister-silent-close angle-some green-11 minutes-reel 3
12. Little Sister picture-camera behind Elvis’ back for about a minute-silent-7 minutes-reel 4
13. One Night-Blue Suede-All Shook Up-Little Sister (mostly green)-silent-9 minutes-reel 5
14. Love Me (last minute)-Are You Lonesome (complete picture)-sound-close angle-3 minutes-reel 6
15. Love Me (no picture)-Are You Lonesome (see only 1 minute)-silent-3 minutes-reel 7
16. Love Me-Are You Lonesome Tonight-silent-3 minutes-reel 8
17.-Heartbreak Hotel-silent-2 minutes each chapter-some green-reels 2 to 4-016
18.Suspicious Minds (missing some picture)-sound-Can’t Help Falling In Love (miss picture in middle)-silent- 8 minutes-reel 2-007
19.Suspicious Minds (miss a lot of picture)-Can’t Help Falling In Love (no picture at end)-silent-8 minutes-reel 3-007
20.Suspicious Minds-Can’t Help Falling In Love -silent-close-picture whole time-8 minutes-reel 4-007
21.audience walking-silent-7 minutes-reel 6-009
22.Gene Bowman with celebrities-sound-5 minutes-reel 7-009
23.audience walking in-silent-8 minutes
August 13 DS
1. Aug.11 MS-Walk A Mile In My Shoes-audio only-2 minutes-reel 11-013
2. Don’t Cry Daddy-In The Ghetto-multiple angles-silent-6 minutes- reel 1-014
3. Don’t Cry Daddy-In Ghetto-audio only-5 minutes-reel 2-014
4. Don’t Cry Daddy-In Ghetto-audio only-1 extra minute of dialogue at beginning-6 minutes-reel 3-014
5. Don’t Cry Daddy-In Ghetto-silent-6 minutes-reel 4-014
6. Don’t Cry Daddy-In Ghetto-silent-close angle-6 minutes-reel 5-014
7. /8. Don’t Cry Daddy-In Ghetto-silent- 6 minutes each chapter-reels 6/7-014
9. Stranger In The Crowd-sound-multiple angles- 5 minutes
10. Make The World Go Away-sound-multiple angles-4 minutes-reel 5-016

August 4 rehearsal
1. Elvis talking to Sweet Inspirations-sound-2 minutes-reel 6 016
2. Elvis backstage with telegrams opening night-sound-2 minutes-reel 7 016
3. Felton Jarvis with Sweets and Imperials-sound-8 minutes-reel 9 016
4. Words-Cattle Call-Yodeling-20 Days-sound except for yodeling-7 minutes-reel9 016
5. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me-Bridge Over Troubled Water (no picture part of song)-sound-11 minutes reel 6 011
Vegas Medley-Silent-1 hour 30 minutes-
1. Elvis in blue suit walking through hallways- 4 minutes-reel 9-010
2. Party after opening night-walking to stage-4 minutes
3. Audience shots-shots behind Elvis- 5 minutes-reel 9-027
4. Audience going in-6 minutes-reel 10-027
5. More audience shots-8 minutes-reel 11-027
6. Elvis off stage (40 seconds)-telegrams (1:20)-audience-8 minutes-reel 12-027
7. Audience shots- 4 minutes-reel 13-027
8. Hotel workers-4 minutes-reel 1-009
9. Audience shots (includes Cary Grant)-7 minutes-reel 2-009
10. Elvis backstage (3 minutes)-on stage (side angle) (4 minutes)-7 minutes-reel 3-009
11. The Imperials on stage-9 minutes-reel 4-009
12. British convention-5 minutes-reel 11-009
13.Aug.12 MS-Elvis leaving stage (30 seconds)-going on stage (1:30)-audience walk (2 minutes)-Love Me Tender (2 minutes)- Andy-5: 37(52 seconds remaining)-6 minutes-reel 12-004
14. Peter Aldersley- 4 minutes-reel 1-028
15Aug.12 MS-.Sweet Caroline-Audience walk-Cant Help Falling In Love-9 minutes-reel 2-028
August 15 MS-Silent and Phoenix-Silent 1 hour 23 minutes
1. That’s Alright-Woman-Love Me Tender-5 minutes-reel 8-021
2. Love Me Tender-Quick shots-You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling-Audience shots-5 minutes-reel 9-021
3. Polk Salad Annie (end) (37 seconds)-Introductions- Polk Salad Annie (middle)-5 minutes
4. Suspicious Minds (a little bit)-shots of lighting men-5 minutes-reel 10-021
5. shots of showroom-end of Cant Help Falling In Love -audience-5 minutes
Phoenix 1 hour of audience

Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:56 pm

wow Mark!!!...thanks a lot!!! :D
what about the 11 ones with sound??

Thu Sep 01, 2005 8:14 pm

yeah what the guy selling a 12 dvd set. There must be something different there?

Thu Sep 01, 2005 8:45 pm

From what I've heard,there is only a little extra footage ("Oh Happy Day" that doesn't feature Lamar and Joe.),but slightly clearer,there is also more sound than the 6 DVD version.

That's only what I've been told,I can't say that I've seen the two sets.

Thu Sep 01, 2005 9:16 pm

The Phoenix audience footage is previous or during the show?

Thu Sep 01, 2005 9:56 pm

Is it true that TTWII dvds are in better pic Q etc?.

Thu Sep 01, 2005 10:20 pm

Spanish_Eyes wrote:The Phoenix audience footage is previous or during the show?

A very good question....anybody knows?


Thu Sep 01, 2005 10:21 pm

Before and during.


Thu Sep 01, 2005 11:37 pm

As I'm still awaiting the 11 disc/seven hours with sound version I can't comment on actual content. However, rtutt has stated in another post the contents of the disc featuring the opening night (10/8/1970) with sound from this set:

"opening night is as follows

that’s all right
mystery train tigerman
i cant stop loving you
love me tender
the next step is love ending only
words begining only
you’ve lost that loving feeling
you dont have to say you love me
polk salad annie
patch it up
bonus patch it up close up"

Hopefully somebody can fill us in about what is on the other ten discs with sound.

Apparently, the picture quality on the six volumes/20+ plus hours (mainly silent) is better than the eleven volumes/7 hours (complete sound).

Re: Hi

Thu Sep 01, 2005 11:41 pm

Simon1 wrote:Before and during.

Thanks, silent or w/sound?


Fri Sep 02, 2005 12:05 am

You're welcome. All silent