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Are these good CDs ??

Sat Jun 14, 2003 8:08 pm

I was at a recordfair today and saw two CDs one was Opening night 26 january 1970 and one was closing night february 23 1970 are these the complete shows and are they in good sound ?? :?:

Sun Jun 15, 2003 8:06 am

These appear to be CD-Rs of previously-issued soundboard material:

01-26-70 OS
Walk A Mile In My Shoes (1st half)+True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (2nd half)

02-23-70 CS
True Love Travels On A Gravel Road+Electrifying

Let the buyer beware!

Sun Jun 15, 2003 11:47 am

Ok thanks you

Sun Jun 15, 2003 5:12 pm

It’s also worth noting that the first half of the closing show featured on the “True Love Travels On A Gravel Road” CD, along with the additional tracks from the same performance issued on “Electrifying” doesn’t make up the complete show.

Sun Jun 15, 2003 5:28 pm

If you are speaking of the twon new releases from the Tupelo label, "Time Stood Still" and In Dreams of Yesterday vol.2", these are not CDRs. They have been falsey accused on the net, but are indeed pressed CDs.
If anyone does acquire these two discs, the discs are in the wrong pacakges. "TSS" disc belong in "IDOY vol.2" package and vise versa.

Sun Jun 15, 2003 5:37 pm

Thanks for the information Steve,

Both shows were cirualting on CDR sourced from the titles listed above, long before the Tupelo label, put them out so there are also CDR copies out there.

Mon Jun 16, 2003 8:17 am

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Mon Jun 16, 2003 3:56 pm

Do you mean that the opening show is closing show with wrong date and the closing show is actually the opening show with wrong date ?

Mon Jun 16, 2003 4:42 pm

My copies were actually in the wrong jewel cases. The discs were labeled the same as the case they were in, but the content was that of the other case...if that made any since. It was the same way with their "In the Hilton" series with vol.2 and vol.3.
-I remember now the CDR releases of these shows earlier this year. I wish people would stop making "Proffesional CDRs"! If your going to go through the t-r-o-u-b-l-e of producing a boot, PRESS IT!