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Tue Aug 23, 2005 8:12 am

Graceland Gardener wrote:
KiwiAlan wrote:What a load of tripe.

Do you actually live on planet Earth GG :?:

No. Planet Tripe.

you asked and answered your own question.
Mark of brilliance.

(praytell, are you insulting me just to score "intelligence" brownie points with DJC?)
:roll: he rewards insultors well.


I treat all idiots the same.

Tue Aug 23, 2005 5:13 pm

Pete Dube wrote:This thread gives me the opportunity to get someting of my chest. When the Artist of the Century set came out I confess to being a bit irked at the title. In my view Elvis was the entertainer of the century, or singer of the century - but not the artist of the century. Now, that doesn't mean he wasn't an artist. At his best he certainly was. But he was also an entertainer, and that's what Vegas was, is. and likely will be about in the forseeable future: entertainment with a capital E! Elvis's best Vegas work was when he got the combination of art & entertainment right: '69, '70, and '72 are the years that I personally feel the art & entertainment aspects are balanced well. The other years seemed to be much more focused on the entertainment aspect (and at times there was a lack of focus) and as a result the art/artist suffered. Eventually the artist was swallowed by the entertainer.

I see where you're coming from, Pete, but really, you're taking the term
"artist" too literally. In the music world, they regularly refer to
"recording artists," whether it's Bobby Sherman or Bobby "Blue" Bland;
Devo or Deep Purple or Mob Deep. It is commonly used interchangeably
with entertainer, singer, or musician and that's the spirt they used it in,
albeit with a nod, too, that yes, Elvis was a great artist! For once,
RCA was boldly proclaiming Elvis' worth next to Sinatra, the Beatles,
anyone...! (I'm also vocal in sticking up for the lost art of "entertaining,"
so I hear you!)


I liked the " Artist of the Century" set, by the way. Terrific package,
from what I've seen. I at this point have only the single disc set,
which I found used.

The track listing is very smart in summing up
his canon briefly, too:

1. That's All Right
2. Baby Let's Play House
3. Heartbreak Hotel
4. Hound Dog
5. Don't Be Cruel
6. All Shook Up
7. One Night
8. Jailhouse Rock
9. Trouble Listen
10. It's Now or Never
11. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
12. Reconsider Baby
13. Can't Help Falling in Love
14. Little Sister
15. Return to Sender
16. (You're The) Devil in Disguise
17. It Hurts Me
18. Big Boss Man
19. In the Ghetto
20. Suspicious Minds
21. Only the Strong Survive
22. Polk Salad Annie
23. American Trilogy
24. Promised Land

Getting back to Elvis in Vegas, I liked how RCA has recently
attempted to embrace and celebrate Elvis' Vegas years, despite
some obvious repackaging concerns with the latter:

Live In las Vegas - Elvis Presley 4 CD Set
Disc 1: Blue Suede Shoes, 2:37 I Got A Woman, 2:55 All Shook Up, 1:49 Elvis Welcomes The Audience, 1:48 Love Me Tender, 2:37 Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel, 2:37 Heartbreak Hotel, 2:01 Hound Dog, 3:22 I Can't Stop Loving You, 2:42 Johnny B. Goode, 3:15 Baby What You Want Me To Do, 2:37 Runaway, 2:16 Are You Lonesome Tonight?, 3:03 Yesterday/Hey Jude, 4:06 Introductions, 2:34 In The Ghetto, 2:47 Suspicious Minds, 6:32 What'd I Say, 3:47 Can't Help Falling In Love, 2:08 Elvis Talks About His Career, 6:41

Disc 2: Aug.11,1970, Midnight Show That's All Right, 2:47 I Got A Woman, 2:34 Hound Dog, 3:59 Love Me Tender, 2:56 There Goes My Everything, 3:56 Just Pretend, 4:18 I Just Can't Help Believin', 4:53 Something, 3:38 Men With Broken Hearts, 0:40 Walk A Mile In My Shoes, 2:12 You've Lost That Loving Feeling, 5:32 Polk Salad Annie, 5:10 One Night, 2:00 Don't Be Cruel, 1:34 Love Me, 1:56 Instrumental Vamp, 0:58 Heartbreak Hotel, 2:19 Introductions, 2:25 Bridge Over Troubled Water, 4:14 Suspicious Minds, 6:05 Can't Help Falling In Love, 2:07 When The Snow Is On The Roses, 1:27 (08/24/1970,MS)

Disc 3: February 1970 See See Rider, 2:33 (02/18/1970) Release Me, 3:09 (02/18/1970) Sweet Caroline, 2:51 (02/16/1970) The Wonder Of You, 2:35 (02/18/1970) Polk Salad Annie, 4:42 (02/18/1970) Proud Mary, 2:46 (02/16/1970) Walk A Mile In My Shoes, 2:49 (02/19/1970) In The Ghetto, 2:45 (02/19/1970) Let It Be Me, 3:23 (02/17/1970) Don't Cry Daddy, 2:59 (02/17/1970) Kentucky Rain, 3:53 (02/17/1970) Long Tall Sally, 1:26 (02/18/1970) I Can't Stop Loving You, 2:21 (02/19/1970) Suspicious Minds, 5:04 (02/19/1970) Never Been To Spain, 3:28 (02/16/1972) You Gave Me A Mountain, 3:15 (02/16/1972) It's Impossible, 2:52 (02/16/1972) It's Over, 2:20 (02/17/1972) Hound Dog, 1:06 (02/14/1972) Little Sister/Get Back, 1:54 (02/14/1972) A Big Hunk O' Love, 2:02 (02/16/1972) The Impossible Dream, 2:29 (02/16/1972) An American Trilogy, 4:31 (02/16/1972)

Disc 4: May 6, 1956 (New Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas) Heartbreak Hotel, 3:02 (05/06/1956) Long Tall Sally, 4:02 (05/06/1956) Blue Suede Shoes, 3:32 (05/06/1956) Money Honey, 2:49 (05/06/1956) 1974 Promised Land, 2:43 (08/19/1974, OS) It's Midnight, 2:54 (08/21/1974, MS) If You Talk In Your Sleep, 3:04 (08/21/1974, MS) I'm Leavin', 3:05 (08/21/1974, MS) Why Me Lord, 3:00 (08/21/1974, MS) Help Me, 2:26 (08/22/1974, MS) Softly As I Leave You, 2:30 (08/21/1974, MS) My Baby Left Me, 3:10 (08/19/1974, OS) It's Now Or Never, 2:30 (08/27/1974, MS) Hawaiian Wedding Song, 1:59 (08/21/1974, MS) Trying To Get To You, 1:55 (08/20/1974, DS) Green, Green Grass Of Home, 3:30 (03/22/1975, MS) You're The Reason I'm Living, 2:40 (03/22/1975, MS) Big Boss Man, 2:30 (03/30/1975, DS) Burning Love, 2:42 (03/30/1975, DS) My Boy, 4:40 (03/30/1975, DS) And I Love You So, 3:24 (12/06/1975, MS) Just Pretend, 3:44 (12/06/1975, MS) How Great Thou Art, 4:24 (12/06/1975, MS) America, 2:12 (12/06/1975, MS)

See See Rider (2-70), Release Me (2-70), Sweet Caroline (2-70), The Wonder Of You (2-70), Polk Salad Annie (2-70), Proud Mary (2-70), Walk A Mile In My Shoes (2-70), Let It Be Me (2-70), I Can't Stop Loving You (2-70), Never Been To Spain (2-72), You Gave Me A Mountain (2-72), It's Impossible (2-72), It's Over (2-72), The Impossible Dream (2-72), An American Trilogy (2-72)