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Fri Jun 13, 2003 11:10 am

It's a Bear-Cat, whatever that may be!

Best wishes

Fri Jun 13, 2003 2:13 pm

A bear cat is an 8F8.

Fri Jun 13, 2003 2:20 pm

Bearcats are often the name for high school football teams

It is a real wild feline in North America

Fri Jun 13, 2003 2:37 pm

Wow, I really do not want that animal to see when I'm alone without a very big gun.

Fri Jun 13, 2003 2:58 pm


Here! A bearcat and hounddog

I wonder if that one guy is king of the jungle :shock:

Fri Jun 13, 2003 3:03 pm

Or should it be F8F.

Fri Jun 13, 2003 3:04 pm

Or should it be F8F.

Fri Jun 13, 2003 3:16 pm

That sure looks like a cougar or mountain lion (I think the names are interchangeable).
"Bearcat" must be a "slang" term.

"...Snoopin' around my door..."

Fri Jun 13, 2003 3:30 pm

I don't know which he did first, but Memphis bluesman (and DJ) Rufus Thomas used this animal in the original "Tiger Man" but also in his answer song to Big Mama Thornton, "You Ain't Nothing But a Bear Cat." (I may have the title slightly wrong.)

Essential listening from a man (recently deceased) who often had sharp words for the treatment of black blues and soul artists in the industry, but seemed to have positive views about his former label-mate on Sun Records.

By the way, one of Rufus Thomas' last appearances is in the critically-acclaimed music film about '60s soul artists today called "Only the Strong Survive." That's on my list of flicks to see.

What is a bearcat? I'll tell you...

Fri Jun 13, 2003 3:41 pm

Spellbinder is talking about the Grumman F8F bearcat, a U.S. Navy airplane used in World War II.

Otherwise, a bearcat is a wolverine, a nasty wild beast from North America. It is neither bear nor cat. The link and picture posted by Graceland Gardener is not a wolverine, it is a North American cat known as the cougar, puma or mountain lion. No relation to the real bearcat, the wolverine. Try this link to see a real bearcat: ... verine.jpg


Fri Jun 13, 2003 4:11 pm

my google search for "bearcat" turned up those pics which are each named "bearcat" from the sites they're from :cry:

Fri Jun 13, 2003 6:40 pm

my google search for "bearcat" turned up those pics which are each named "bearcat" from the sites they're from

No offense intended. You made a good faith effort at answering the question. Perhaps in some areas the cougar/puma/mountain lion is called the bearcat. Looking at the wolverine, the name makes sense. I've always heard the wolverine called a bearcat because of its appearance.

I guess with a slang term like bearcat, it could represent several different things.

I wouldn't want to meet either one of those things in person....


Sat Jun 14, 2003 6:59 pm


The Grumman Bearcat was not "used" in WWII. Neither the F7F (Tigercat) nor the F8F arrived in the combat theatre in time for operational service.

Sat Jun 14, 2003 11:12 pm

<Greg The Grumman Bearcat was not "used" in WWII. "

Holy cow, you are right. That will teach me to research Elvis, North American mammals and Grumman Aircraft in the same setting!!