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Elvis: 50th Anniversary (Passport)

Fri Jul 22, 2005 4:40 am

This 2 hr program has aired on TV twice here in the US in the past few weeks.
It's an excellent compilation of interviews (see GG's ZZtop-Elvis thread for a long list of people involved)

This obviously doesn't have EPE approval, and has no Elvis music.

But I'm glad it was produced anyway.

It features many of Elvis' MMF and girlfriends (and first fiancee Anita Wood) and does show alot of 50s/60s/70s footage, and several clips of amateur 70s concert footage. (jumpsuit junkies would appreciate that)

it's very enjoyable with humorous and poignant reflections about Elvis 1954-2004.

anyone else seen this?

Passport also has a Beatles 2 hr doc "A Long and Winding Road", which airs after the Elvis one.

Fri Jul 22, 2005 5:32 am

What channel?