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IN PERSON update

Mon Jul 18, 2005 8:48 pm

I think this cd diserves and upgrade!
As we already have a dinner show on the vegas box set ...releasing the midnight show from august 25 would be great.

Blue Suede Shoes / I Got A Woman / All Shook Up / Love Me Tender / Jailhouse Rock - Don't Be Cruel / Heartbreak Hotel / Hound Dog / I Can't Stop Loving You / My Babe / Mystery Train - Tiger Man / Elvis Talks / Baby What You Want Me To Do / Runaway / Are You Lonesome Tonight / Words / Yesterday / Hey Jude / Introductions by Elvis / Introducing Nancy Sinatra, Mac Davis, Buddy Hackett, Thomas Jones, Shelley Fabares / In The Ghetto / Suspicious Minds / What I'd Say / Polk Salad Annie / Can't Help Falling In Love

Most of the songs on the IN PERSON album are taken from this show.

Mon Jul 18, 2005 10:26 pm

If they go for an upgraded version of this release I doubt very much they´ll release another complete show (they have released 3 complete shows from August 1969 already) Who´ll buy it besides the FTD buyers? I´d definately buy it of course. :wink: In Person should be released as it was originally with bonus tracks if there are any and if possible with upgraded sound and liner notes/pictures. Only bonustrack I can think of is Inherit The Wind (released on the Collectors Gold box set).

Sincerely MB280E

Mon Jul 18, 2005 10:30 pm

I am with you but I do not think it should be done that way. In Person is a kind of "Best Of '69" album and should be upgraded as such.

This should be an album for the general market, as it indeed contains some of the finest live versions of Elvis 50's songs ever recorded in best possible sound plus some very fine new titels. So I would keep it a best of album focussing on R'n'R and therefore I would add:

Heartbreak Hotel
Jailhouse Rock / Don't Be Cruel
Baby What You Want Me To Do
Blue Suede Shoes
I Got A Woman
Loving You/Reconsider Baby
What'd I Say (edited version from the album The Sound Of Your Cry)

My personal wish: Make it the double album it originally had been. Back In Memphis deserves an upgrade, too. No better way than uprading it with the remaining titels from the Memphis Sessions and re-unite it again with In Person. Bring back the Black Album again!


Mon Jul 18, 2005 11:54 pm

MB280E...when i suggest an upgrade of the IN PERSON album I think in the casual or common buyers...not big fans.. like us that buy also FTD's cd's.
Those casual or normal buyers need to have a 1969 show on single version because the other one it's on vegas box set.....and I don't think a guy that likes Elvis but is not a big fan would be interested in spending a lot of money on a box set.
On the other hand we all know that the collector's gold box it's out of catalog so the only "oficial" '69 live stuff it's on vegas box and IN PERSON.
I'm suggesting to release it as an oficial they did with the ON STAGE cd because I really doubt FTD will release another '69 concert unless it's the one that contains INHERIT THE WIND

Tue Jul 19, 2005 2:22 am

Polk Salad Annie 1969 ? I know he muttered a few lines occasionally in this engagement, but he didn't record it till Feb '70

Tue Jul 19, 2005 5:25 am

'In Person' should get some sort of upgrade treatment. But considering that it was overlooked during the 1999 upgrade campaign, it would seem reasonable that it will continue to be overlooked by the main label. And then when one factors in that 'Elvis Is Back' is not considered a viable option for the main label, well it is easy to assume that 'In Person' is not viable either.

So if 'In Person' is ever considered for the FTD 7 inch treatment, there are a lot of possibilities. Disc 1 could include the original album plus standout tracks from some of the other August gigs. Then Disc 2 could include another complete show. An FTD reissue of 'In Person' has a lot of potential. However, due to the fact that 'All Shook Up' was just released, one should not get their hopes up for another live 1969 package.

Tue Jul 19, 2005 1:42 pm

My point exactly midnightx! If any of the rumoured July 1969 rehearsals are found however, the situation could be a bit different. A 2cd set with some live outtakes and rehearsals could very well be another FTD winner, but I doubt very much it would sell in the mainstream market. I don´t see it happening on this side of 2010 though.

Sincerely MB280E

Wed Jul 20, 2005 1:47 am

In Person should be done on FTD along with Back In Memphis as a double CD in original style gatefold format. Add some tracks for sure but that is how they should be done.......... my opinion! :P