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Seattle April 26 1976 - great concert IMO

Fri Jul 08, 2005 1:28 am

I've been listening to the Seattle April 26 1976 concert the last few days and find it very entertaining (Jerry Scheff had his son Jason sitting in the audience of the show although there is no introduction - according to Jason). Its an above average sounding audience recording where every word Elvis speaks is clearly heard. He sounds to be in great voice and mood. He does My Way without announcing his need for the lyric sheet. He plays with the words a little and the audience laughs along. I find all songs are well performed except the exceptionally short Hound Dog (about 45 seconds in all), but Polk Salad Annie, Help Me, How Great Thou Art, America The Beautiful and Blue Suede Shoes are highlights. Prior to the band introuctions Elvis relays a fun story about splitting his pants at the Silverdome four months earlier and "thankfully we had another suit backstage". Then he laughs about not seeing the New Years Eve countdown clock because of the spotlight, having to ad lib to Auld Lang Syne only to realise a second verse is being carried by the audience. Elvis says Charlie forgot the setlist after Auld Lang Syne and announced "Let's Take It On Home". Elvis laughs, "After 30 minutes the audience would have killed us"! He also talks about how nervous he was playing to 64,000 people (and is generally nervous before he does any show) and people backstage would say "Hey your hair is on fire" and Elvis responds, "Yeah, yeah" pretending he hadn't noticed.
Is anyone else familiar with this show? If so what are your thoughts? It reminds me a lot of the June 1975 concerts.

Fri Jul 08, 2005 2:59 am

yeah this is the show that Rick Rennie went to(i think) and said whilst Elvis 'sounded great' he looked terrible.... sometimes the case that a show he looks great in , he doesn't sing as well and the other way round he might sound 'great' but not look good. Certainly i wouldn't object if FTD ever put this show out! :lol:

Fri Jul 08, 2005 4:07 am

The story of the Pontiac debacle, as told by Elvis, is a great example of "what might have been," had he written a memoir.

Though his self-told history was often quite faulty, I always find it charming to hear it from the horsesmouth, so to speak.