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Thu Jun 30, 2005 10:51 pm

Aother factor in play was that My Way did not belong to the Elvis publishing empire.

While this on it's own would not stop a release - it would not encourage the Col and Co to push for a issue.

Fri Jul 01, 2005 12:13 am

KiwiAlan wrote:Ernst calls it a master take.

"the master was shelved"

He did not say it was was unfinished or no master achieved as he does with other tracks.

Well, at least as far as I understand it, it was in fact unfinished since Elvis abandoned recording and left the studio.

On the other hand everybody who thinks of the take recorded as the master might be right: The matrix number ends with the suffix "-na" which means that the number of the master take is unknown. "-nm" would be the suffix for "none of the takes recorded was selected as a master".

Personally I've always read the sentence "The master was shelved" as something along the line of "The project of recording and/or declaring a master take was shelved." You know what I mean? When I check my dictionary for synonyms of "to shelve" it tells me words like "to delay", "to defer", "to postpone", "to suspend". IMHO all this tells me that it actually wasn't an act of "putting a finished record in a shelf" but rather to "abandon / delay / defer / suspend work on recording and achieving a master". That's how I understand it. I might be wrong, though.

As far as I remember the studio version of My Way was always something unfinished. I once started a thread about My Way and how it got better over the years and that the studio version - unlike many other songs Elvis performed live - wasn't the "final version". This must have been about two years ago, I guess. Probably some of you remember it. It was called "MY WAY - Record of a life" (I still have the bookmark in my bookmark folder). Seems like it's unavailable now in the new forum. If my memory serves me well in that thread the studio version was dealt with as being not the master.