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How Much?

Wed Jun 11, 2003 1:25 am

How much does it cost for RCA to remaster and package stuff like the Moody Blue reissues and the endless compilations? Do they make back the money they invest?


* If the reissues aren't remixed than what the FU** does Ferrante do? "Re-equalize" the sound?

Wed Jun 11, 2003 5:51 am

Your second post and you are already using the "F" word?
Was that really necessary?
Keep it clean!!

jeff R

Wed Jun 11, 2003 10:09 am

ease up Jeff, he wuz curtious enuff to bleep out the **CK! lol

anyway, to answer that question, back in the late 80's it was costing RCA approx. $3,000 to reissue/remaster Elvis cd's on their mid price/best buy cd series. i have a great article from GOLDMINE mag from back in'89 and explains all that and even criticizes RCA for their sloppy work on the "G.I. BLUES" '88 re-issue! hope that helps...

Wed Jun 11, 2003 12:00 pm

hey minkahed, how about a transcription of the article!?

Thu Jun 12, 2003 12:47 am

Thanks minkahed, a transcription of the "Goldmine" article would be nice to read, but for example anyone know about studio costs and what people like Ferrante and Ernst earn from say the "Promised Land" c.d?

Thu Jun 12, 2003 2:00 pm

They must be a nice little earner or they wouldn't get done.