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Mon Jun 09, 2003 8:41 pm

hey do any of you guys or girls have any elvis tattoos.

Mon Jun 09, 2003 8:45 pm

Oh no not the tattoos again.

curtis simpkins

Tue Jun 10, 2003 4:08 pm

What's wrong with the question? I have been toying with getting a fairly inconspicuous TCB tattoo for a long time, and I'd be curious to know too whether anyone else around here has any.

Tue Jun 10, 2003 5:38 pm

I must say that I saw a lot of tattoos when I was travelling with the British Fanclub to Graceland last year. Tattoos are extremely popular amongst British fans. One of my friends has one, and I must say that that is the only one I like. They didn't tattoo his whole face, but only the eyes and his mouth. And it looks so cool. I saw it for the first time last year in Memphis. I cannot explain it exactly but it is the image that was printed on the bag that was presented during the Fanclub's President Meeting at Libertyland (when it was raining cats and dogs outside!). Maybe some of the other readers can put a picture of this image on the board?

Tue Jun 10, 2003 5:48 pm

I always remember this bird in Blackpool, we went to the first open day of the Elvis Exhibition in Blackpool, above "Pricebusters" has it was back then.

Anybody else go by the way!

Anyway this bird was walking up the queue of fans, as we were waiting to get in. She had a tattoo on her leg, I'm not kidding it looked like a photograph, fantastic. She was a bit of alright as well.
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Tue Jun 10, 2003 5:51 pm

Check this baby out!


Tue Jun 10, 2003 5:55 pm

That's a bloke, in it... Looks to have hairy legs... Good Tattoo though.

Tue Jun 10, 2003 6:06 pm


I thought that was an arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tue Jun 10, 2003 6:11 pm

Good God, sorry is it an arm, I thought it looked like a pair of shorts.

Is it a guy or a bird?

Tue Jun 10, 2003 6:28 pm

I thought it was an arm, but see it as legs now :lol: . But notice the pimples on Elvis's forhead. :lol:


Tue Jun 10, 2003 8:45 pm

Right Sam.
I heard Elvis had an acne problem as a teenager... LOL!!!

A bunch of 'em

Tue Jun 10, 2003 10:33 pm