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Fecc / anti -piracy police

Sun Jun 08, 2003 2:03 am


You state that you received an e-mail from the authorities, but I am unclear about the contents of this message and the authorities you refer to.

You also state that FECC is somewhat responsible for the illegal activities being advertised on this MB and that consequently it will be PROHIBITED to advertise the sales / trades of illegal products on this Forum or link this forum to downloading songs from any source.

As there is no global concensus/ agreement about the definition of 'piracy' there is no global governance board who can be considered as an authority. Therefore it is (for now) only the local law who can be considered as the authorities.

However, the Dutch Government has not signed any Legislative Global Alliance to prevent piracy of IPR - International Property Rights (in any form) which superceeds local laws. Assuming that FECC is registered under Dutch Law, FECC can not be held responsible for any indirect illegal activities linked to this Forum. As long as FECC complies with local laws (i.e. FECC does not offer a DIRECT link to music downloads) , there is no need to prohibit third parties advertisements for indirect downloads.

Like FECC stated before "We are not the police". Just a thought...