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Now, your favourite country songs of Elvis

Sat Jun 07, 2003 10:03 pm

Here are my most played country songs :

Blue Moon Of Kentucky
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
It`s Your Baby, You Rock It (one of the best)
Make The World Go Away
Tomorrow Never Comes
From a Jack To A King
Moody Blue (yes it is a country song)
I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
Susan When She Tried (the greatest, showing the best guitar playing in
contemporary country music)

Which are your blockbusters ?



Sat Jun 07, 2003 10:18 pm

Good Time Charlies Got The Blues
In The Early Morning Rain
Kentucky Rain

Sat Jun 07, 2003 10:57 pm

Most of El's recordings were country records, especially later on, but my favorites at this moment are:
Good Time Charlies Got The Blues
Just Call Me Lonesome
Stay Away
You Ask Me To (written by the late great "Waylon Jennings")
Gentle On My Mind(always loved this by El.)
It's Your Baby, You Rock It
Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
It's Easy For You

I love 'em all really, it's hard to write a list, but these are some of the songs I have listened to, in the last few days.

Sun Jun 08, 2003 7:35 am

Joe & Gypsy,

I notice you both mention Goodtime Charlie. That is one of my absolute favorite Elvis songs period. I wish BMG would go out on a limb of sorts and include that on Second To None. If the CD is going to consist of the remaining #1s, top 10 hits, and fan favorites, I think a fan favorite such as that should be included. More significant than its just being a fan favorite is--and this should be what they consider when compiling the album--its being one of the great Elvis songs which should have enjoyed a lot of success. Sorry to get off-subject here.

Also I must agree about Gentle On My Mind--my favorite song he recorded at American.

OK, I can think for myself too. ;) Some other faves of mine:

For The Good Times
She Thinks I Still Care
Pieces Of My Life
Inherit The Wind
There's A Honky Tonk Angel
Twenty Days And Twenty Nights
Faded Love
Just Call Me Lonesome
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Loving Arms
Help Me Make It Through The Night
You Don't Know Me
For Ol' Times Sake
Always On My Mind
Kentucky Rain
I'll Be Home On Christmas Day
Love Coming Down

Sun Jun 08, 2003 7:49 am

One of my favorite Elvis C&W hits is "Jailhouse Rock."

anyone else concur?


Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (and the live rendition)
Loving Arms
For Ol Times Sake
Pledging My Love
He'll Have To Go
Moody Blue
Kentucky Rain (live 1970)


Sun Jun 08, 2003 7:52 am

I have been reading every one's list and have decided to just say... give me all of Elvis' masters from 71 onward and that would be my favorite.


Sun Jun 08, 2003 8:12 am

Just to many great songs to choose from. But someone earlier said Yes, (Moody Blue is a country song). This is one of my all time Elvis favourites.


Sun Jun 08, 2003 8:19 am

here's mine

you dont know me
help me make it through the night
funny how my spelling slips away oh that
funny how times slips away
for the good times

curtis simpkins

Sun Jun 08, 2003 8:25 am

Curtis Simpkins wrote: funny how my spelling slips away oh that

LMFAO@ Curtis :lol:

Good one Curtis. :lol:

Sun Jun 08, 2003 8:29 am

thank you sam

curtis simpkins :lol:

Sun Jun 08, 2003 2:28 pm

Just call me Lonesome- the alt. take on 'Great Country Songs'.

I love that steel guitar opening by Pete Drake.


Sun Jun 08, 2003 3:47 pm

"There's A Honky Tonk Angel" & "Loving Arms"
these are great Elvis songs!


Sun Jun 08, 2003 5:32 pm

funny how times slips away
For Ol Times Sake
Pledging My Love
He'll Have To Go
Pieces Of My Life
It's Easy For You
Love song of the year (believe it's country)

this would make me list.

Sun Jun 08, 2003 5:39 pm

My top 3 Elvis country songs are:

(1) Gentle On My Mind

(2) Just Call Me Lonesome

(3) From A Jack To A King.

Brian :D

Sun Jun 08, 2003 7:08 pm

Going home.
This is an unusual song and very good lyrics. :D