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Elvis Presley Confounds the Critics. Again.

Tue Apr 05, 2005 12:02 pm

Yours truly has been reading, "The Lives of the Great Composers", an interesting history of Classical music.

The author, Harold C Schonberg, points out how fashionable critics in the past wrote off Mendlesohn's works.

He points out the petty jealousy of composers was/is rife.

In the end the general public always choose their favourites despite the writings of so called learned critics. Many music geniuses faded into obscurity. Although admired by other composers, like Beethoven greatly admired Cherubini...Cherub who...:-)

Their music was not enduring, or just too clever for us all.

Elvis is back at the top, no doubt about it, and all the scribes writing in the likes of, "Rolling Stone", and other suchlike magazines might as well go bay at the moon.

Don't forget to request, "Crying in the Chapel", it will have some crying in their press rooms!


Thu Apr 07, 2005 4:27 am

Critique of music is a funny thing. I was arguing about it with a woman at work the other day.

She said that Lemarr (a black soul singer in the UK) is good. I said that she might like him but that he is not technically very good. She then argued that that was just my opinion. I said no, that was an objective judgement because I know about what it means to sing well.

Then, because she was losing the argument, said, "Well I think Elvis was crap".

I said, "You may not like him, but it is generally accepted that he was an exceptional singer."

It's like trying to educate pork

Thu Apr 07, 2005 10:00 am

Keggyhander, All the evidence is out there, and still we get those kind of reactions to Elvis:-)

Nevertheless, was the writing ever more bold on the wall?

Our local HMV Store is stocked out with Elvis Presley material....................except "Crying in the Chapel" :-( ... e&sid=4893 and the word is out............