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Up-date on what's happening with unreleased Song....

Tue Apr 05, 2005 8:20 am

Interesting how this has turned out I have to hand it to Chris Davidson owner of "Elvis A Rama".

I personally do not believe Elvis had anything to do with this song,...but I guess that's not what's important here....this is certainly a TRUE HOLLYWOOD Story so to speak....Nevertheless if the shoe were on the other I would have maybe done the same thing if I would have had the type of contacts for this sort of thing......

Anyway here's the info I found...and the original link...when you go there if you do, just type in Elvis in the search area.........and what you see written at the bottom of this post will be what will appear in the link....

PEP 8)

Unrecorded Elvis 'Roses' Song Surfaces; Search Is on for New
'King' to Record It

LAS VEGAS, April 4 /PRNewswire/ -- When a song written by
Elvis Presley,
which was never released by the King, surfaced last month at
auction on eBay,
Chris Davidson -- an owner and founder of the world's largest
Elvis museum
experience outside of Graceland, with $6 million worth of
memorabilia -- knew
he had to have it.

Davidson, 40, who opened the Elvis-A-Rama Experience in Las
Vegas more
than five years ago, has announced a world wide search for
someone to fill
Elvis's blue suede shoes. "We're looking for the world's best Elvis
impersonator to record the song," said Davidson. "We hope to
consummate an
agreement with a production company for a multi-episode reality
TV show."

"If I'd Only Bought Her Roses" is the only song co-written
by Elvis and
Paul Terry King, an association that dates back to the late 60s,
at American
Sound Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis recorded his last
number one hit,
"Suspicious Minds," there in 1969.

"Roses," registered in 1973 with BMI, appears to have been
inspired by the
lost love that both artists were experiencing in their personal
lives at the
time. Elvis was freshly wounded from his divorce from
child-bride Priscilla
Beaulieu, an event made official in October 1973. The song was never
recorded. According to sources, Elvis considered it "too
personal and
painful," at the time.

The song is a bittersweet ballad of lost love and regret.

"We would like to have the song recorded at one of Elvis's
old haunts,
either historic Sun Records Studios or the old RCA Radio
Recorder's Studio.
We intend to put much effort behind the song to make it a
national hit and the
project has already elicited national media interest," said Davidson.

The song is unique in that Elvis is credited for very few
songs as a
composer/songwriter. It is our intention for the song to be
released on the
50th Anniversary of Elvis's first Gold Record, Heartbreak Hotel,
which was
released in January 1956.

The Elvis-A-Rama Museum is in the process of creating an
contest for the impersonators with tryouts likely to be held in
Frankfurt, Tokyo, London, New York, Los Angeles and Memphis as prime

Final selection will take place in Las Vegas, where the
winner will appear
in an engagement at the Elvis-A-Rama Experience. Impersonators
will be judged
in three categories: vocal talent, appearance, and stage presence.

"Roses" is currently jointly owned by Elvis-A-Rama and Elvis
Enterprises. A majority interest (85%) in EPE was recently
purchased by
Robert Sillerman of (CKX), Inc.
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Wed Apr 06, 2005 12:50 am

Don't bother!! It isn't Elvis!!

Wed Apr 06, 2005 3:21 am

If they're looking for the best impersonator in the world to record it, they should try the ultimate impersonator , the one and only ELIERT PILARM from Sweden.

Wed Apr 06, 2005 3:32 am

Why not give Jamie Kelley a chance at this!

If he can come up with his own lyrics to an instrumental track (of which no lyrics have been discovered to the song!) and get these sort of results:-

Come Out Come Out

I think he should at least be considered to do the vocals for this new song

Wed Apr 06, 2005 7:01 am

Hi keith
I agree,...I think Jamie should certainly be one of the top Tribute Artist who should be considered to record this song...either him or lets say Doug Church as a example....

These two Tribute Artist come to mind since in my opinion they are so far from what I have heard over the years, Entertainers who have mastered a pretty good feel or illusion of Elvis' voice....especially for material Elvis did not record.

Now again keep this in mind we all know No One could or would replace exactly Elvis' voice to a tee,...but certainly it might be fun to have a somewhat of an idea as to how Elvis would have sounded doing this song.

For Church I was actually really impressed with some of the material he recorded for the "Kingtinued" Album
released a few years ago for just that reason.

It was fun to listen to certain songs which I thought would have worked for Elvis as well, like the Santana Song "Smooth" Bruce Springsten's "Pink Cadillac"....Garth Brook's "I Swear" and a few other titles I thought really worked.

An since there was No reference to compare Dougs voice to since Elvis never recorded any of the songs, Doug Church ended up sounding very much like Elvis to a certain degree at least in a fun sense or entertaining sense.

For Jamie recently I was most impressed with his writing ability and performance of two songs he recorded for his Album "The Sun Also Rises" ... sIndex.htm
True "Rock A Billy" performances which sounded very much like the young Elvis....

The thing about Kelley for such a young man he has a voice which is very diverse in the sense he certainly has the Young Elvis down where most fine it very hard to do and cannot even come close to what Kelley has been able to do as well as having potential for sounding like a older Elvis as well.....

Anyway these two Tribute Artists have my vote for something like this and I look forward to more material from these Elvis Entertainers .

PEP 8)
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Wed Apr 06, 2005 8:02 am

I just listened to both for the first time and I must say that Jamie kid is on the money.

I would like to here a song of Elvis' that he has recorded just to see how much of a difference I could really find.

That being said I really hate to see someone who is trying to encompass everything Elvis, ie... mannerisms, looks, etc...

I really don't understand someone who lives life in this delusional fashion. I really dont care I guess if it makes you happy that is all that counts but I was certainly squirming in my seat when I watched that video.

Wed Apr 06, 2005 8:53 am

Hi, all.. just got a min so I thought I'd pop in and thought I'd post..

First, PEP, Keith, Blue-Gypsy, just like to say thanks. :) You can go to the main site of mine for the Elvis stuff, but bear in mind it's a couple years old - but will be redone soon, I can PM you when the new stuff is up if you like since I don't want to bug the main board with it.

On the video - if you mean the "For My Heart" video, I don't personally see any Elvis mannerisms since it's my separate solo thing.. any that are or aren't there is just how I am when I sing (and band direction for the timing) - Elvis is and always be a strong influence even if I completely stop doing Elvis shows. I took video of the sessions down there for the thrill of being at Sun Studio and wanting to keep the memories, and the web site part was an afterthought. So that's the actual recording of the master take lined up with the two stationary camera angles I had. I actually wasn't paying attention to the camera (would've quit looking around like I'm waiting in a lobby if I had lol). I do like vintage styles, though, so you've got me there, but I try to keep it from being too overbearing.

But that's just a side point since I really wanted to mention the song.. is there any word on if the "winner" will have any say on how the song will be produced? If it's like what I've heard about American Idol, where they pretty much tell you what to sing and how, I don't know... guess we'll find out as more info comes. The song might be great in the right hands, but that goes just as much for the arrangement and production as it does the singer, whoever it may end up being.

It's not really on-topic Elvis, but thought I'd post on it since I had a min. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. :)


PS: To get the topic more Elvis-related - Keith mentioned Come Out, Come Out that I tried some lyrics on just to try.. has the origin of the real song appeared anywhere, a writer, anything? Seems odd that "Poor Man's Gold" is the only song from the 69 sessions that has surfaced with any kind of info, the other songs have to be known. Or is my info old, and something more is known on one of the other songs Elvis didn't put a vocal on?

Wed Apr 06, 2005 1:07 pm

hey, i wish somebody gave me a try! :D

i may be 14, but you'd be suprised

i arranged my vocal for 'theres a fire down below' and got nice results!


Thu Apr 07, 2005 1:47 am

You know, sometimes I can be an ass! I sometimes react before I think and usually with terrible results. Here was a kid I was tremendously impressed with (which is very hard when it comes to this sort of thing) and I have to throw something in there that could possibly hurt someones feelings.

Jamie I think you rock, so much so infact that I called my wife in to see your video and hear your awsome voice. Keep up the good work and don't mind buttholes like me who sometimes make silly comments.

By the way the fact that you write your own material I think clearly seperates you from the pack. Keep up the good work!

I would love for you to let me know when you get the new stuff going and I see nothing wrong at all with you letting everyone else know.

Seeya Jamie!

Thu Apr 07, 2005 2:43 am

Hi, Tony,

Man, you just made my day! :) I'll keep it short since I've gotta run and the reply isn't really Elvis-related...

You didn't hurt my feelings at all, it's a natural thing as an Elvis fan (I catch myself doing it too), to see someone doing something we think is kinda like what Elvis did and automatically think that it's forced or that they're trying - especially in my situation where I've been doing Elvis performances for 22 years and solo stuff for about 2. lol Elvis has been my major influence in music and taste since before I could walk (I wouldn't let my folks listen to much else when I was little), so I know that affected my own taste and style over the years.

So for someone to see something like that when I'm just doing my own thing, even if they get the wrong impression, is really one heck of a compliment in a way. Elvis was, in my opinion, the best at everything he did. Period. It's really a shame that more artists today haven't picked up on that general musical style. The UK charts are showing that it still has legs, so hopefully we'll see a trend to more of what I call "real" music, like they used to make. :)

Thanks for the vote of confidence on the new stuff, but I'm just happy to have some acceptance as a fan on the board, anything else is gravy, but I don't want to press my luck. I ain't been hung by my short and curlies yet, and I'd like to keep it that way. LOL! :)


Re: Up-date on what's happening with unreleased Song....

Thu Apr 07, 2005 6:54 am

PEP wrote: "Roses" is currently jointly owned by Elvis-A-Rama and Elvis
Enterprises. A majority interest (85%) in EPE was recently
purchased by
Robert Sillerman of (CKX), Inc.

EPE was contacted and they do not own any part of this song, nor
do they endorse it's authenticity.


Thu Apr 07, 2005 7:25 am

Would this be the same people that when contacted via phone do not know what a Follow That Dream release is?

Thu Apr 07, 2005 9:19 am

ElvisAngel77...the story gets more interesting as time goes by...

By the way I hope you know and the rest know reading my post Im just passing information on which I saw on the internet...

I personally do not believe Elvis had anything to do with this song as there are too many holes in the my opinion.

However at the same time I can understand if what is being said about what "Elvis a Rama" is planning on doing promotion wise for the song is true,.... it certainly is the business thing to do since most will not take the time to investigate the real story if aired.

Also it makes sense how else could anyone get their money back regarding a purchase of this nature.

Still its not to say "Elvis A Rama" is doing anything wrong because they are not..... they are moving forward with what they have been told or read and what they believe to be true an of course they wouldn't have bought the song other wise I'm sure if it wasn't the case.

Still I'm surprised a little more investigation was not done prior to purchase...because from the outside looking in things don't seem what they appear to be.

At the same time I'm sure there are other details we do not know and may never know about this deal between the decision for "Elvis A Rama" to decide to purchase this song.

Chris Davidson may decide to talk about this on this board or may choose not too, this of course is his choice.

Mr Davidson I might add is an intelligent man or he wouldn't have come as far as he has in what he has done at such a young age,....personally I would like to believe he does know what he is doing, and I do wish him the best for what happens with this song.

PEP 8)

Thu Apr 07, 2005 11:40 am

Davidson, 40, who opened the Elvis-A-Rama Experience in Las
Vegas more
than five years ago, has announced a world wide search for
someone to fill
Elvis's blue suede shoes. "We're looking for the world's best Elvis
impersonator to record the song," said Davidson. "We hope to
consummate an
agreement with a production company for a multi-episode reality
TV show."

GROOOOOOOAAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! I must be on an episode of "Punk'd". When the hell is Ashton Kutcher going to pop out to tell me this is all a joke???


Mon Apr 11, 2005 9:39 pm

The Elvis-A-Rama Museum purchased “If I’d Only Bought Her Roses”
on Ebay on February 20, 2005. The research into the background
of the song included a review of BMI’s website.
“If I’d Only Bought Her Roses” is listed
as number 20 with reference number 6562846.

Here’s the BMI link: ... ype=WorkID

Paul Terry King signed a contract assigning Elvis-A-Rama his
rights to 1/2 of the song “If I’d Only Bought Her Roses”,
which he and Elvis wrote in 1973.

Paul Terry King, the co-owner of the song, provided several
documents related to his career as a songwriter which included
over 85 registered songs. He further documented his association
at American Sound Studios in Memphis, Tennessee during the time
that Elvis recorded at that studio.

Graceland recently stated that they were first made aware of
“If I’d Only Bought Her Roses” while it was for sale on Ebay
which was a 10 day listing. The Ebay listing stated that EPE
currently owns 1/2 of this song.

What actions did EPE address to Ebay, the listing agent or
Paul Terry King to stop the sale of the song or advise someone
that EPE had no ownership in the song if false information was provided?

If the sale had been cancelled, Elvis-A-Rama would not have
purchased or been interested in the sale of the song.

According to Elvis historians and biographies, Elvis was given
songwriter credits for songs that he had little to almost no
involvement in helping to create. Elvis recorded many songs
that he didn’t write.

Elvis rehearsed many songs that he didn’t record. Elvis fans
have not heard everything that Elvis rehearsed or recorded
during his lifetime.

EPE may not claim ownership to 1/2 interest in the song,
however, that does not make the song less than authentic.

Mon Apr 11, 2005 11:13 pm


This 'Roses' song is kinda like Doug Church singing La Vida Loca.........

Nothing wrong with it, but any link with Elvis is tenuous at best !

Tue Apr 12, 2005 12:21 am

For anyone looking into this...... the question maybe asked why since King suposely wrote the song in 73' with Elvis he chose to register the song 20 years after the song was written and 6 years after Elvis died?

Again this only adds to doubt......which goes with the tape with Elvis' voice recording the song goes up in flames in a trailer fire so that there is absolutely no proof Elvis even sang the song nor wrote the song of course....

Suggestion Elvis was already angry with Red West and the boys in 73' not 76'.....adds doubt to ones crediablity for story telling, especially as fans from what we know this doesn't make sense...

Suggestion King wrote the song Seperate Ways instead of Red West, another oddity which again makes no sense,....I'm sure if Elvis would have been aware of the situaction he would not have been too pleased with Red West and would have reacted or done something to Red West to make it right so to speak....

These are things I only bring up because again they are facts which do tint the idea Elvis had anything to do with the song.

I also will add Marty Lacker has indicated on the AeK board Paul Terry King is not somebody he or another producer remember Elvis having any contact with or even the studio during this time period.....

Now granted Lacker can be someone who we can sometimes take with a grain of salt to a certain degree, but he would have certainly no motive to make something up in this situaction in my opinion.

Regarding EPE comments to them I sure it wouldn't matter to them one way or another expecially since Elvis' voice is no where to be found in their archives for this song and by Elvis gaining a 50% royality fee for nothing I'm sure is fine with them......but again other than that,.... they I doubt care about the situation......nor had any reason to look into the situaction until now.

PEP 8) ... t/

Registered Works Database (Title Search)

Item 1 of 1
1. Registration Number: PAu-1-810-413
Title: If I'd only bought her roses.
Description: Sound cassette + lyrics sheet.
Claimant: Paul Terry King
Created: 1973

Registered: 17Nov93

Author on © Application: words & music: acPaul Terry King , 1950-, & Elvis A. Presley , 1933-1977.
Special Codes: 3/M