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Shy Readers?

Wed Jun 04, 2003 8:43 pm

Having seen some posts reach into the hundreds with just comparitively few replies, is there a discrepancy? Or have we a large number of very shy Elvis fans reading some posts?

Why are there so few posters anyway out of the millions of Elvis fans, even 500 members is a poor state of affairs. Why has no computer wizard rounded up all the strays?

Wed Jun 04, 2003 8:49 pm

Guess this will be another one of those posts...


Wed Jun 04, 2003 10:14 pm

Well, speaking for myself I can only say I view many posts without replying; if I think I have a valuable contribution to make (answer someone´s question for example) or sometimes just feeling like making a not-quite-so-serious comment, I do it. But I feel no need to write something just for the sake of it. We have some fans on the board who know a lot about Elvis, and they also seem to be online pretty often (Rockin´ Rebel, Dr John etc); which means they´ve often got there before me with a very good answer. It can get pretty annoying sometimes (for example Mr Simpkins´ posts) when people reply without having anything to say. I don´t think it´s a matter of being shy at all. Sometimes lazy though, I´m sure!