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Wed Jun 04, 2003 9:49 pm

Good point Little Sister(nice avatar). Still do you blame her? So it is bad taste, then again Lisa hasn't voiced a problem with this. It is her lawful right to keep or discard a name if she wants to.

Wed Jun 04, 2003 11:57 pm

I don't think "Elvis and Me" was bashing though. Just my opinion. I don't think telling the truth is bashing. If she had made stuff up just to make him look bad then that would be a different story. But there isn't any proof of her lying to make him look bad. As far as casting, it depends if Priscilla purposely cast a bad actor to play him. Kurt russell was the only good one. Playing Elvis is almost impossible. And Priscilla did not edit the book or the movie. Other people do that . She did not pick what was kept in or taken out. So if there was an imbalance when it came to good and bad then they would have been responsible for that. The bad always gets more ratings and attention.

Priscilla changed her name back to Presley when she pursued her acting career. Which I am sure her agent pushed hard for her to do. And it was a smart thing to do. Priscilla Beauleiu is not a catchy name. Most celebs do not use their real name anyways.

Thu Jun 05, 2003 12:20 am

Joann Fugate

I agree with you when you say they did not seem particularly happy, in the true sense of a married couple, they only seemed to play to the camera, in my opinion – and it’s only my opinion - it was because they were not “natural with each other”. I think they both went into the relationship for the wrong reasons.

Priscilla for who he was - she was flattered because this great persona had chooses her out of all the women in the world he could have had – and for years she played the part.

Elvis because here was this beautiful - in his opinion – young woman that he could mould to be just what he wanted, one who wouldn’t complain about the guys and his “other women”, and for a while it worked, then Priscilla grew up.

At this point Elvis had to do something drastic, what did he do? He married her, then Lisa was on the way, and for a while they lived this pretence of happy families, but what happened when Priscilla wanted more children?

Elvis really got cold feet, he see himself as becoming not quite the centre of her universe – therein lies the problem.

Elvis has to be the main man – he can just about cope with one child but children? He might have to grow up and become the grown up himself – I think he got frightened and she decided that there was more to life.

Now here we have Elvis the King of rock, a very private person in a very public arena, having to face the world in his rejection.

He is Elvis. - The Man, The King, who can have any woman he wants, the man who has women throwing themselves at him wherever he goes (and men for that matter) being rejected by this woman who he had moulded to his way of life, saying I want more than you can give me, turning around and walking away.

This rejection, in my opinion, was what accelerated the decline - the decline that had started with his unhappiness at the way his career was progressing, and exasperated by the Parker greed, and to crown it all, here he was being rejected by his “Cilla” this is probably one of only times he has been told nay, certainly by a woman! And one he had condescended to marry at that.

So no, I don’t think Pricilla was good for Elvis – or him for her for that matter.

It is my opinion, and I emphasise it is only my opinion that he should have married someone like Ann Margaret, a real woman in her own right, she I think could have helped steer him to becoming a real grown up person, I don’t think she would have taken the “Guys” or the other women lightly, I think it would have been a very lively relationship, but I think it might have had more of a chance.

Going onto the point of all that Priscilla has done for the image, I really do think this was for self interest, and yes it has to be said that she has done really well to turn the estate around, but she was working for her daughter’s future and that is another kettle of fish entirely.

Would we have known any difference if the house had just been sold on?
Would we not have still made pilgrimages to the house that Elvis lived in?

I think so, and I think an industry would still have grown around the house. Priscilla saw a chance to turn the estate around and took, more power to her.

As for Lisa, she is part of Elvis, and as such plays a large part in our lives, she is part of “our man” and we are all curious as to her life style because of this, but are we really kidding ourselves if we believe that she would have got anywhere near a recording studio without her pedigree? I think not, and that’s not to say she can’t sing, it just that others can sing better.

We listen and we watch because of who she is, not for her talent!

Just my thoughts, and for all his faults I love him still, and do I envy Priscilla of course I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thu Jun 05, 2003 12:50 am

There is a lot of truth to what you say. Very good post. I would like to add that Lisa's strong suit is not her voice. Elvis voice wasn't THE BEST either(at least technically, though it is my favorite!). Lisa has a different voice, it remains to be seen, if she will learn how to use it.

Thu Jun 05, 2003 3:06 am

Elvis's artistic resurgence did not start in 1968 rather started in the spring of 1966 with the "How Great Thou Art" sessions and the listening sessions that proceeded. From that session on Elvis was doing serious studio work on and off for nearly two years before the comeback show. The TV show just gave the spotlight and momentum. The key thing is that it started before his marriage.

What has Priscilla done to reform Elvis' image? License "Love Me Tender Chunks" dogfood? If it wasn't for Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen Elvis' rep might still be suffering.

The thing that jumps out me from her book is that she often matched Elvis' cruelty (more often recklessness) with astonishing insensitivity.

Thu Jun 05, 2003 4:03 am

She didn't came off as "Insensitive" to me. He should have been more sensitive. It was not easy living with him. She just did an interview with a ladies magazine and said that whenever she would frown he would slap her on the forehead because he said it would give her wrinkles. he didn't want a girlfriend/wife with wrinkles. That's messed up. I think she handled herself well under the circumstances. From what you read in different books it was no picnic being close to him.

I think she and the estate have improved his image. They have phased out the fat drugged up years and focused on his good years. I am glad she got it over outsiders. it gives the whole thing a more personal touch.

I like looking at the homemovies. it showed that even though they did not have an ideal marriage they were in love with each other at one point. I agree with the person who said that one of the main problems was that Priscilla grew up and he did not.

I don't think things would have worked out with Ann long term. Two big egos and two big careers. No woman was going to change Elvis.

Lisa herself has said she would not have got a record deal as easy as she did if she wasn't a presley. But you can say that about the kid of any star. There is also more pressure on them to be good and unfair comparisons to their parent. According to reports of her shows she is steadily improving.

Thu Jun 05, 2003 6:48 am

It's been years since I read the book but three incidents have remained with me. 1) the book burning 2) The Ricky Nelson incident 3) An incident where she criticized one of Elvis' recent records at a time when he was especially sensitive. Maybe insensitive is the wrong word. But clearly she did not understand this man.

As far as the other stuff goes, she wouldn't have taken that from another man. The reason she did is because he was ELVIS PRESLEY. So to the person that was supposed to be the closest to him saw him like everybody else as a millionaire icon.

Thu Jun 05, 2003 6:59 am

""""""Elvis voice wasn't THE BEST either""""""""""

Now we know where you are coming from Genesim.

I guess Elvis could never match the most perfect vocals of KISS

Thu Jun 05, 2003 9:38 am

I think She put up with it because she was in love with him. People stay in relationships all the time that are having problems because of that. It's a powerful thing.

The ricky nelson thing and record comment seemed to me like Elvis just being overly sensitive. Pretty minor things. As far as the books go, nobody liked Elvis reading those books. They were taking up all his time and affecting his responsibilities. And the big question is why did he burn them? Nobody could force him to.

Thu Jun 05, 2003 10:24 am

genesim wrote:Good point Little Sister(nice avatar). Still do you blame her? So it is bad taste, then again Lisa hasn't voiced a problem with this. It is her lawful right to keep or discard a name if she wants to.

Thanx Gene, it isn't as cool as yours though.

I'm not sure if it's right to take the name of your exhusband. But I defenetly do not blame her for leaving him. As stated before here, Elvis was not the ideal husband. I would not have wanted to be his wife (and he wouldn't have wanted me anyway... I'm to tall)

What do you think of the accussasion she made in tha last part of the book, about Elvis raping her when she craved a divorce. Do you think this is true? Would Elvis be capable of this cruelity?

Thu Jun 05, 2003 12:05 pm

One thing is for sure, we don't know the real Elvis.
As with all celebrities we only see what they want us to see.There are a lot of people knocking Priscilla, saying that she cheated on Elvis but what about the 100's of women Elvis was with while he was married to her.He didn't want her on the road with him and chose the M.M over her, we all saw the effect the divorce had on him but it didn't stop him sleeping around.In This is Elvis he talks about getting great "head" before a concert but this was filmed in 1972 before the divorce, so he wasn't doing anything to stop the divorce.
We would all like to believe that Elvis can do no wrong but none of us knows the real Elvis.

"An image is one thing, a human being is another"


Thu Jun 05, 2003 5:20 pm

I don't think she said RAPE, she said it was more forceful then she would have liked. As I recall she didn't even tell him NO. Hell she might have liked it secretly. I don't really know. My point is, that if she was a rape victim, she wasn't exactly screaming and scratching..etc. It is very hard to prove a husband raping a wife. The premise is almost rediculous. Not saying it is impossible, but try getting a court to believe you!! The fact is that Elvis was on ego trip, and Cilla to me, just seemed uncomfortable with the whole POWER fork. Thats all. I think the movie actually added more drama(didn't she say rape?), though I am only guessing.

Thu Jun 05, 2003 5:29 pm

KIWIALAN, I was talking technically. Say compared to Ella, get it yet? I did say he was my favorite. I did not say his vocals were bad or even average. I did say his voice wasn't (technically) the BEST. Only a fool would say otherwise.

So Kiss vocals weren't up to Elvis standards....DUH really!!! I didn't know that. I guess I better stop posting about that then....wait I NEVER DID!!! You know, thanks for pointing this out, cause I was going to say EMINEM had a better voice too.... (mumbling insult right now)

Thu Jun 05, 2003 6:54 pm

MikeMcCoy wrote:Hi, Genesim!

Good post!

The reason I call "Elvis And Me" a bashing session is because her actor looks so much like her and is all "innocent" in the movie, and Elvis' looks like an idiot and is portrayed as this pitiful, horrible, never happy man who does nothing but cause problems and throw tantrums. To me, that's bashing. She could have shown the down side without going as far as that movie did. There's hardly any of the happiness shown in the home movies, anything like that.

She can tell the bad with the good (that's not what I'd call respectful, but I wouldn't knock her for it), but to show maybe 10% good and 90% bad was a wrong move.

I actually don't knock Priscilla much, I think she's done a lot. But this movie is definitely a sore spot in my eyes... especially since they keep showing it on TV..

And this brings me to ask this question:

Who owns the rights to the mini-series?

Since EPE is responsible for 'protecting' Elvis' image, maybe Priscilla and EPE ought to see to it that "Elvis and Me" no longer gets shown on TV anymore. After all, there are many Elvis fans who hate that movie - since it makes Elvis look bad.
(I will admit, the book was better).

I do like Priscilla. She had the good sense to hire Jack Soden. Together, they helped save Elvis' estate. They deserve a huge amount of credit for the work they've done.

I will admit, I did lose some respect for her after the mini-series shown.

Tom (from Ohio)

Thu Jun 05, 2003 7:00 pm

Since I am a Elvis DVD junkie, I want all documentaries(even bad ones!) released. For what its worth, I still liked Elvis and Me. There was a shred of truth to it. I personally, don't get offended. Elvis is Elvis, if you know the story, there is really nothing to worry about. They can bash and bash, but like Hulk Hogan he keeps getting up(down for the count 1..2..........its Hulkamania time!!!)

Fri Jun 06, 2003 1:14 am

The reason everybody in Elvis' entourage hated Elvis readnig those books was because they threatened their place in the pecking order. It doesn't matter if you and I would read or like them but by reading those books Elvis was trying to expand his world and understanding. For Elvis to know that there were more things out there then he had experienced was bad for the Colonel, bad for the guys and bad for Priscilla. All of these people, except arguably Priscilla had worked to try and keep Elvis in the dark. The status quo was good for them. Priscilla hated those books because she didn't understand them, Elvis did. Again she's just not in-synch with him. Elvis burned those books because he was bullied by Colonel Parker in a vulnerable moment.

What responsibilities did they keep Elvis away from? Making "Clambake"? He should have been so lucky.

We have to agree to disagree on her comments about Ricky Nelson and the music. The Ricky Nelson thing was to me about as insulting as you can get.

Geneism- Elvis had an extraordinary voice for a "pop" singer. An opera singer is a different breed of animal.

Fri Jun 06, 2003 2:35 am

likethebike wrote:The reason everybody in Elvis' entourage hated Elvis readnig those books was because they threatened their place in the pecking order. It doesn't matter if you and I would read or like them but by reading those books Elvis was trying to expand his world and understanding. ..........Priscilla hated those books because she didn't understand them, Elvis did. Again she's just not in-synch with him. Elvis burned those books because he was bullied by Colonel Parker in a vulnerable moment.

Interesting comments about Elvis - the bibliophile. In general, I agree.

Geller, IMO, is full of it ................. but, Elvis was NOT a "lightweight" reader. His preferences were usually toward the more heavy-duty and deep philosophical works. Much of his choice in reading material (I stress "his", meaning Elvis' choice, not Geller's) is not easily digested material. Elvis was by no means a simpleton (no relation to Curtis ........ :wink: ) ................. he was very intelligent and a very able reader, with a voracious intellectual appetite. Most of those surrounding Elvis had no interest in the "esoteria" that Elvis was deeply interested in ............ I would also add that most of the MMM's probably also lacked the intellectual capacity to comprehend the material even if they had been interested in it (Priscilla included).

...just a fan....

Fri Jun 06, 2003 8:41 am


Is Ella Fitzgerald an Opera singer? Ella has a better voice then Elvis. There I said it. Smoother more range, capable of jumping octaves with ease, sounding like a instrument, diction..etc. Does that translate into Elvis not having a "extraordinary" pop voice. HELL NO!!!

Does that mean I can't like his voice better? No. Elvis was one of a kind, and I think my statements were taken way out of context. I never said Elvis had anything short of a great voice. I am just saying technically I don't think it is the GREATEST. It is just my opinion. There are songs that Elvis I bet couldn't handle(like Hey Jude, Somewhere Over The Rainbow), As there are songs that probably wouldn't fit Ella. BUT I bet she could hit every note. We are talking about different kinds of singers. Please think about what I have wrote.

Fri Jun 06, 2003 10:15 am

I didn't mean to take you out of context. It's just you mentioned Caruso awhile back and he's an opera singer. And I have no doubt that there are some pop singers with a better technical voice than Elvis like Jackie Wilson. But I just wanted people to know that in context it is a remarkable voice. It's about twice the range of an average pop singer.

Fri Jun 06, 2003 3:34 pm

So what if Priscilla made that comment about Ricky Nelson! We all joke with our partners and friends, but Elvis' reaction to Pricilla's comment says a lot about his personality/insecurities. Just because he is Elvis does that mean nobody can take the piss out of him, after all he did want to be treated as normal.
There are a lot of people on this M.B that don't want to believe that Elvis could be mean,bad tempered and arrogant, but at times he was all of these. Charlie Hodge said that Elvis had a dark side to him, so are we to believe that Charlie is lying as well as everyone else that said anything bad about Elvis.After all these were the people that lived with him.