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The Elvis Museum and Vegas throat

Sun Jun 01, 2003 9:16 pm

Well I just got back from Las Vegas and I went to see the Elvis a rama museum that is down there. Overall I thought it was real good. They have a couple of jumpsuits, guitars, clothes, and other personal stuff I thought was interesting as i have never been to Memphis. I got the feeling that a few items were fake. First off a concert poster from feb. 16, 1957, for Buffalo new york. secondly, the gold lame jacket they have looks to be a lighter shade of gold than any picture I have ever seen, and the material did not look as thick as pictures either. So I question this one. Also some of the clothes don't looks like the right size. For example I believe the jumpsuits are legitimate and give an idea of elvis' shoulder size, and some of the shirts appear to be a lot larger.
The Nevada desert is so dry that a singer can get what is called, vegas throat. For this reason alone I think Elvis should not have performed In Las vegas for such long periods of time. It puts too much stress on the voice. I found this to be true because as I am driving down there, I was singing How the web was woven in my car and my voice cracked on the high notes, where as nomally I have no problem. So I found that this thoat drying effect is very true and that singers should protect their voices by not performing in las vegas for extended legths of time.