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Top Bass/Guitar Riffs

Sat May 31, 2003 4:56 am

As a one time semi-pro bass player...(i have been playing bass since i was 18- i'm now 37.....and done more gigs than i've had hot dinners-lol)

Anyway......i love listening to the bass riffs on Elvis' recordings...though there's lots of other great riffs on other Elvis tracks/albums i could mention... one that springs to mind being TTWII....there's some very nice bass work on that cd/album.

What about you guys??..which bass/guitar riffs do you like on particular tracks/albums??

ps......mines a Musicman Stingray 5 string.....Trace Elliot 300 watt head, and 1x15 and 2x10 cabs

the squirrel


Sat May 31, 2003 5:17 am

Hey Squirrel
I dig the licks on Wearin That Loved On Look!


Sat May 31, 2003 5:39 am

Hi Blue Gypsy.

I agree ...........great bass riffs on Wearin'...... what more can we say about the Memphis 69 stuff- brilliant sessions......Kentucky Rain also has some nice bass work on it too!!

the squirrel

Sat May 31, 2003 6:11 am

This has been covered recently but what the hey:

How about ?:

"Change of Habit" (Killer bass line on an underated tune. Likewise with the drums!

"Polk Salad Annie" ( '72, Madison Square Garden, NYC, evening show from the original Lp: great bass solo ..)

"(You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care" (Basic, and spare. I've read Elvis either did the bass for a frustrated Bill Black, or something like that)

"Baby, Let's Play House" ( Let the Sun Shine!)

"Jailhouse Rock" (Propelled by rock-steady bass guitar)

"Little Sister" (Great groove on that bass)

"Heartbreak Hotel" Terrific acoustic bass (I think)

"Suspicious Minds" (not all versions, but the groove seals the deal)

"Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" (Almost manic rockin bass from his last peak on "Elvis Country")

"Steamroller Blues" ( Via the pen of James Taylor: strange but true. But the blues groove? "Born 10, 000 years ago." But true of any number of Elvis' infectious R&B and blues tunes: "Stranger In My Own Home Town, I Feel So Bad, etc.

"Viva Las Vegas" /" What'd I say" (hard to peg the bass on many Elvis tunes, but it's surely buried in some of his best grooves..

"Way Down"

" I Got A Feeling In My Body" ( Both show 70s Elvis still giving up the funk, as did others)

And many more....!

Sat May 31, 2003 7:51 am

Hey bro
Music Man Stingray here as well (4 string)

I love the work on the entire Memphis Sessions-some will say that the volume of the bass on those songs is just higher than normal and that there is nothing great going on there. I would disagree.

IMO-anything Jerry Scheff played was tight and always in the pocket. One of the best bassists around. I'm not a huge fan of any other era of bass guitar pre 1967/8.
My fave from 60's is probably Let Us Pray
From the 70's is tough..I dig For The Heart (love the slides) but I think I'll go with Polk Salad from the original MSG LP.

Sat May 31, 2003 9:02 am

Can't beat Bill Black's opening to "Don't Be Cruel" and his work on stand up acoustic bass on "Heartbreak Hotel".

That is indeed Elvis on "Baby I Don't Care". I do think it's a great riff.

The bass on the Memphis Sessions was played by Tommy Cogbill, Memphis' answer to James Jamerson.

Sun Jun 01, 2003 6:41 pm

Steamroller was already mentioned above, but how about the opening riff on the October 15, 1976 performance in Chicago? I haven't heard any other versions of that song which were done quite like that. Must be why the album Bringin' The House Down advertises it as being the "coolest version of Steamroller Blues ever"!