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Kinda cool find!! Everyone take a look at your Studio B FTD!

Wed May 28, 2003 11:22 am

Here's something kinda cool...

Don't know how many of you caught it yet, but on takes 1 & 2 of "Fountain Of Love" on the "Studio B" FTD, after Elvis said "That's enough", it sounds like it fades shortly after. However, if you're using a PC program, you can up the volume loud enough, and just before the track cuts off, you hear the engineer cut in with "I'm sorry."

Using volume control, I did a reverse-fade so that it's more audible in my session compilation - but I thought that was pretty cool, and thought others on here might think so, too.

Most may think I'm a bit nutty for posting this, but somebody'll enjoy it. ;)

Wed May 28, 2003 1:03 pm

Mike -

You are a stickler for detail !

What do you suppose the engineer was apologising for ?

Colin B

Wed May 28, 2003 1:44 pm

Mike you are a f###### idiot, you must be a s### r##### m## W#####.

I just did that with my copy & unfaded it also, great stuff, thanks for the heads up , now I'm adding it to my session cdr for that session, when I'm done, I'll add it to my 69er Sessions, 70, 71, 72, 73, 75 & 76 Studio Sessions cdr's, along with my Fun In Acapulco Sessions cdr, August 1969 Live, February 1970 Live & my August 11th & 12th 1970 Dinner shows cdr's...........hang on a second did I type 'Mike' at the begining of this post ? sorry it was supposed to be 'Ray' :wink: :lol: :wink:

Wed May 28, 2003 1:53 pm

Hi, Colin!

Well, I thought I heard something like a breath, and when I turned it up, I thought maybe it was the start of the next take announcement, but then I kept bringing it up (took some doing, too, had to add compression as well as volume!) and I could hear it quite distinctly.

Elvis sounds kinda impatient when he says "That's enough", like the engineer didn't stop the take from going on and on, so Elvis did, to which the engineer comes out of whatever daze his mind was in and says "I'm Sorry". :)

And Ray, that's hillarious! (now teasing:) Good luck with your 70s sessions, I already have mine done.. 8) :lol:

Wed May 28, 2003 2:01 pm

Thanks Mike, yeah I've done all the 70's stuff already also, now I'm doing the 60's stuff (just a small project hey ? :shock: ). I gained alot of experience with 'bringing up the fade out' on the 70's stuff & removing the resulting hiss from doing this. So I chose to make Fun In Acapulco the first session cdr of the 60's, I'm happy with the results. I just wonder how many of us 'sickos' there are out there ?

I understand what the whole concept is of the FTD Soundtracks, but I would have liked it to be in the form of Sessions order, take after take, if fans don't like that, they can always easily press the RANDOM button ....after all they are cd's.....that will mix up their order for them...but you can't do that in reverse of course :cry:

Wed May 28, 2003 3:22 pm

Hi, Ray!

Yeah, just a tiny task doing all the 60s sessions.. :roll: :lol:

I doubt there's many like us... going so far as to have the longest fade times and everything. Rest assured, after BMG have milked every take in every other way... THEN we'll see complete sessions. I could pretty much bet good money on it.

It's always cool to meet a fellow session-compiler...Say, if you've got any unreleased stuff (I mean even unreleased on boot), send me an e-mail

I've got a couple things you might get a kick out of. :)

Take care!

Wed May 28, 2003 5:09 pm

delete - double posting :cry:
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Wed May 28, 2003 5:11 pm

What do you suppose the engineer was apologising for ?

My theory is that Elvis made a hand gesture (turn it up or turn it down) regarding the level of his headset. Elvis asked for earphones and the start of this track. I think either the Jordanaires mike or Bradley's spanish guitar licks was too loud (or too soft) in Elvis' ears and he made a visible gesture for Bill Porter to correct it.
Hence the audible "sorry" at a point when Porter figured on fading it out anyway.

A really good one

Thu May 29, 2003 11:21 pm

Thanks for sharing the find.
Always fun to hear these kinda noices or remarks. They remind me to the famous dog barking after Way down.

I discovered a great one of these findings myself. Just wondering if
everybody is aware too.

If you crank up the fade out of "Stay away" the double features series
with about 1200% you hear something that knocked my socks off!

I am not going to give away this one, try it out and let me know what you guys think!!!!

Fri May 30, 2003 1:21 am

Elvis said "that enough" when Always On My Mind went on forever on the Elvis On Tour complete sessions.