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the missing years ?

Tue May 27, 2003 12:48 am

hello folks !
can you give me some details about a cd (or lp ?) caalled "the missing years" (interviews + hayride tracks) ? thanks !
htp:// (updated everyday )

Tue May 27, 2003 2:22 am

I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about EA but this is the DVD of The Missing Years.


Some reviews:

Video Details
This special collector's edition DVD box set features a full-color DVD with rare footage showing the private man behind the icon plus a 55-minute audio documentary. The set also includes an audio CD with early music by Elvis and The Blue Moon Boys performing "Maybellene," "That's Alright Mama," "Blue Moon of Kentucky" and four more, plus rare interviews from his time in the Army, and a 32-page super color booklet with photos, interviews, gossip and insight! 55 minutes.

Customer Reviews

In some ways, deceptive, but worth buying, April 23, 2003
Reviewer: from Akron, OH United States
This DVD is most likely for the "die hard" fans, it has some great footage of Elvis and the stories told by Elvis' buddies are great to hear, but the DVD is not in full color as stated on the cover, in fact, the only parts that are in color are the interview segments with Elvis' friends, the footage of Elvis is in black and white.
The booklet that is included with this DVD, (although worth seeing) has only black and white photos as well, not full color as stated and the 55 minute audio documentary included, is in my opinion, unnecessary, because most of it uses interview segments already seen in the DVD and The CD that is included, has been previously released.
The thing that makes this DVD special, is the army footage of Elvis that is included, that alone makes the DVD worth buying.

For EP Fans only, May 1, 2002
Reviewer: George from Carmel, ME United States
The Missing years is basically a bunch of old army buddies talking about there experiences with Elvis. There is no Elvis music and the film footage that is used of Elvis is in not so great quality. The Elvis impersonator's singing is pathetic and sometimes annoying. The CD that comes with it contains Elvis interviews and Louisiana Hayrider material which has been released several times. Matter of fact it's the same cd that camein the 1993 book 'Private Presley', except with a picture disc. Basically if you're not a true Elvis fan. Avoid this release.

Only for diehards, April 28, 2002
Reviewer: Bob Collins from Falls Church, Va. USA
Hi folks, this dvd is only for diehard fan's like myself who wish to see anything with Elvis in it. It has some cool unseen footage in it, like Elvis being sworn into the army, getting onto the ship heading to Germany, home movies shot by Eddie Fadal during some of Elvis' visits. There is no Elvis music in the dvd, its a cheap impersonator which is a letdown. The audio disk is just another rehash of the early Elvis, Scotty, Bill live. All in all, i'd skip this and wait for "this is elvis" to be released on dvd. Pretty cheesy stuff here. This is only for diehard fans.


Tue May 27, 2003 10:09 am

thanks very much for your answer ! i get the cd without knowing the origine .
all the best