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VCD trades

Sun May 25, 2003 7:36 am

Hey guys I know this is not the place on this board but I have not been able to score a trade since the new board took over.
I really need Aloha uncut and This is Elvis. I am an honest is my ebay credentials... ... arface1980
Here is my list...

Burbank Outtakes Vol.1
Burbank Outtakes Vol.2
Burbank Outtakes Vol.3
Elvis In Concert Rapid City
Elvis In Concert Omaha
Elvis In Concert CBS Special
Elvis His Best Friend Remembers
Lost Performances
Such A Night
Blue Gypsy
2 Stand up Shows 6:00 P.M. & 8:00 P.M
My Home Movies Of Elvis (Joe Espsito)
Return To Splendor
Live In Atlanta
25th Anniversary Concert
Elvis Unguarded Moments
The King On Stage Vol. 5
The King On Stage Vol. 6
Burning In Birmingham
Tornado Over Omaha
The Inimatable Elvis Presley
The Last Tour
Sold Out In 72
Elvis On Tour

My apologies to the "This isn't the right place" purist. But for some reason there is no trading going on at the trading post.