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Elvis Aloha From Hawaii On VCD.

Sat May 24, 2003 9:48 pm

:D Today I was sitting around the house watching TV and I decided to put on my Aloha VCD and in my opinion this is alot better then the one realeased by Light Year Int. Yes the picture isnt as crisp as the dvd release but at least it's got all the songs and the music isnt in dolby digital but it sounded very good. This is going to replace my Official release due to the fact that I can watch the entire show with no songs deleated and I'm tired of waiting for EPE to re-release it which they say they are going to do but when? God only knows. They say sometime in 2003. I'll believe it when I see it. Aloha was the pinnicle of Elvis's career and its on the shelf because Graceland wants to take their sweet time in releasing it. But while they are fooling around I've got the show from begining to end and loving every minute it. Thank god I got this VCD before the songs got axed because I would be left watching a partial show that deserves much better treatment then it got. Maybe when it's finally released it will be the best Aloha put out, I can only hope.