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Chip Young: The Forgotten Studio Guitarist

Sat May 24, 2003 11:23 am

What's the story on Chip Young?

To my knowledge I've only seen one photo of him and he's certainly not a well-known household name where Elvis is concerned but Chip played lead/rhythm guitar on many singles & albums Elvis cut in the late 1960s and early 70s.

Starting in May 1966, his first session playing for Elvis was of all things - the Grammy-winning How Great Thou Art LP. (Nice way to collaborate with The King - pick the licks on a gospel masterpiece!)

Then Chip worked on these June 1966 cuts: Indescribably Blue, I'll Remember You, If Everyday Was Like Christmas

He didn't play on a movie soundtrack until Clambake in February 1967. In March 1967, he played on Suppose.
The forementioned sessions list Scotty Moore above Chip - but for the Speedway session in June 1967, Scotty wasn't there and Chip is listed at the top.

Chip played on the Sept. 67 Guitar Man session and the Stay Away Joe/Too Much Monkey Business session in January 1968.
Ernst book states it was probably Chip who suggested that Elvis do Hi-Heel Sneakers which became a single B-Side.

He didn't work with Elvis for a couple years after that because the 68 NBC show and the Memphis album and 69-70 Vegas engagements didn't require Chip's talents.

(((Was Chip ever asked to play in the TCB Band?)))

Chip did go back in the studio with Elvis in June 1970 to work on the now-historic Nashville Marathon sessions. He also did the Sept. 70 session which yielded Snowbird and Rags To Riches.

Playing on classics such as Early Morning Rain and I'm leavin' Chip's work is on Elvis Country and Elvis Now and his last session with Elvis was for the Grammy-winning He Touched Me.

His first Elvis album: a Grammy-winner...his last Elvis album: a Grammy-winner.

IMO, this guy should be given kudos for his work with The King.

Ernst has referred to him as Chip Young (Elvis' guitarist from 1965 to 1971)

If you have the distinction of being "Elvis' guitarist" wouldn't that make you famous? But Mr. Young doesn't seem to be famous at all - certainly not as famous as James Burton or Scotty Moore.

How come?

Any other info? Has he came forward to be interviewed or write his bio?
How did he get the gig in the 1st place? Did he have to audition for Elvis?
Where is Chip Young nowadays?
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Look at the cover of "The Nashville Marathon'.

Sat May 24, 2003 1:16 pm

Hi Graceland Gardner,
I think you havet the photo of Chip Young, if you've got FTD's
"The Nashville Marathon'.
He is on the cover. 2nd from the left, in the bottom.