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The Shock of the New.

Fri May 23, 2003 9:01 pm

After the initial shock of Bill Haley and his Comets introducing Rock n Roll to Europe, Elvis Presley came as a thunderstorm! "Hound Dog", was perhaps, the first of his songs to register with the older Crooner generation. The die was cast, Elvis was immediately denounced by almost all the media as nothing more than a wailer and three cord wonder. A flash in the pan!
But nevertheless Elvis dominated the charts for years and then came, The Beatles.
To us 1950s Elvis fans accustomed to his great singing, The Beatles music was mildly exciting.

John Lennon singing, "Elvis I love you", in the middle of his rendition of, "Hound Dog", at the 1972 Madison Square Garden Concert, speaks volumes.

From Monday a British radio station devotes a week to Elvis Presley. And the Elvis Concert arrives:-)

So what's my point? Do I need one to write about Elvis, on an ELVIS PRESLEY message board. Checkmate:-)

Fri May 23, 2003 9:39 pm

Well done Maurice - a whole post without mentioning statues or your website once ;)

'There's a brand new day on the horizon'

Fri May 23, 2003 9:40 pm

My thoughts exactly, Clint.


Fri May 23, 2003 10:07 pm

Clint and Tom, very much appreciated. Acceptance is such a beautiful thing. I often converse with children.

I've noticed my readership is growing I must be entertaining at least:-)

Fri May 23, 2003 10:11 pm

I think it's more to do with the lack of interesting posts.

Fri May 23, 2003 10:20 pm

disney wrote:I must be entertaining at least:-)

How do you come to that conclusion Maurice.

......and you'd started off this thread so well.

Fri May 23, 2003 10:22 pm

disney wrote:Clint and Tom, very much appreciated. I often converse with children.

Considering your affinity and obsession for that statue of Elvis at 12, I hope that's all you do with children.


Fri May 23, 2003 10:25 pm


Fri May 23, 2003 10:38 pm

Tom, YOUR obsession with ME is kind of worrying. I am NOT gay!

Start a positive thread on Elvis Presley and the likes of you guys are sure to appear.

The play school must have closed early;-)

Sat May 24, 2003 6:34 am

Umm Maurice, I never said you were gay. In fact, to my knowledge, no one on this board has either. What an interesting response. Hmmmmm??!!


Sat May 24, 2003 8:26 am

Yes Tom, More interesting is the fact out of a hundred or so readers, you are the only one who reacted to it:-)

This thread was more of a statment rather than a discussion so I will not be replying to anymore silly comments.

But before I go, and just to prove how impotent your jibes are

New readers will appreciate my modesty. BUT......reading a lot of George Bernard Shaw leads to a certain brashness :-)