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Elvis' 1974 TV special?

Fri May 23, 2003 9:12 am

I have an original single of "I've Got a Thing About You Baby". On the sleeve it says "Coming Elvis' 1974 Easter TV Special". Does anyone know what this was? A repeat of Aloha? An aborted project? An Elvis movie festival?

Fri May 23, 2003 9:17 am

Hi, it was an aborted project. :oops:

Fri May 23, 2003 10:02 am

The "colonel" wanted it -- Elvis did not. Guess who won that one?

Fri May 23, 2003 5:58 pm

I have never heard about this proposed project.
Any details about idea behind it?

Fri May 23, 2003 7:38 pm

There’s not much information on this proposed project apart from the aforementioned advert on the “I Got A Thing About You Baby” sleeve. I always thought the idea would have been to film Elvis on tour during 1974, and either screen a complete concert, or a composite performance with songs taken from various shows. The only thing I find strange about this is that Elvis had already enjoyed success with the MSG album, and the Aloha telecast, (which also had a number one soundtrack album) and yet they were planning yet another TV special, which would have had a very similar format. Like the mid ’60’s movies it seems that the Colonel had run out of ideas yet again, and was sticking to same the tried and tested format.

Fri May 23, 2003 7:45 pm

Imagine if they had filed some live 1974 footage, and Elvis could have sung some of his recent gospel songs from stax live to make it an Easter Special. That would have been awesome! especially a live version of "If That Isn't Love"

Fri May 23, 2003 8:45 pm

Maybe...there is tour film footage. :?:

Obviously, there was enough pre-production and planning for an April TV special to justify RCA promoting it on the 45 sleeve issued in January.

I bet Parker wound up with the aborted lost footage - if any - of course EPE would own it now since Parker's death in '97.

Sun May 25, 2003 11:59 am

Hi Graceland Gardener,

Almost in the bullseye. You don't have any idea how close ....... or do you?

Do you have a rosary in the garden? :idea:

Sun May 25, 2003 6:03 pm

OK let’s say some shows or partial shows were filmed, and this footage ended up in the hands of EPE following the colonel’s passing. EPE would own the footage, and could do as they pleased with it without having to make any further negotiations with third parties (save for perhaps publishing issues on one or two songs). This is Elvis in early 1974. He’s still in good shape physically, and he’s still performing good shows. In other words unlike the 1977 CBS footage it’s a saleable commodity which would appeal to the Elvis fan and the casual buyer. So if that’s the case, it’s strange that some 29 years after the event we still haven’t seen any of it.

Sun May 25, 2003 6:39 pm

The "legend" of this planned tv-special said, that they have put a
second stage into the vegas-showroom to allow elvis to walk a bit into the audience (as he did in the aloha show) AND in the book: Caught in the act" you can see a picture were they have done that for pre-filming and testing???! I´m more than sure, that if RCA promotes a thing like that they have to have at least to be started the thing!