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Tue May 27, 2003 11:47 pm

<Some great-grandkids are due some money then, huh?

Where are ASCAP and the RIAA when you really need them? Harrassing file swappers, that's where.....

For what it's worth, Elvis' people played all kinds of games with publishing rights. The songs in the Love Me Tender film were all written by the guy that produced the movie, but he gave his wife and Elvis the credit even though neither had anything to do with the songs. Love Me Tender was just the old song Aura Lee with new lyrics. In Ernst's A Life In Music book, he details another case where Elvis' people took an old traditional song and added new lyrics and it couldn't be played in Europe because the song was copyrighted over there and Elvis' people messed that up. I think it was It's Now Or Never. Elvis was a good guy, but the Colonel and others that took care of his affairs were downright sleazy sometimes.


Wed May 28, 2003 12:24 am


I was busy typing my sarcastic response when you asked about the RIAA so I posted before seeing your message.

Ideally, the RIAA should take care of these things. If I remember correctly, up until the early 1990s, copyright on music existed for a period of 50 years before going public domain. Also there is typically a 7 year statute of limitations on these things. So, if copyright ran out in 1974, then in order to recoup the money, whomever the legal owner of the Rainey/Arant compositions was, they would have had to file a suit before sometime in 1981. Perhaps the owners of this title weren't aware of its use, or didn't have anyone championing their cause. Or, maybe Elvis changed the song enough they didn't need to give proper credit. I honestly do not know, and I am quoting the rules off the top of my head, and this isn't my area of expertise. This is obviously a very complex issue, but the fact remains that the song See See Rider Blues is listed as a Gertrude Rainey/Lena Arant composition and it has never been credited as such on any Elvis records despite the fact that it is obviously the same song...


Wed May 28, 2003 5:41 am

Taking a look at a double-LP from '73 called "25: The Soul Years; 1948- 1973, Atlantic Records 25th Anniversary", I see a couple of interesting things about Chuck Willis' hit "C.C. Rider."

Jerry Wexler (famed Atlantic producer) talks about how Willis' big hit was an "arranged date" Jesse "Money Honey" Stone. ( Wexler regretted that he and co-producer Ahmet Artegun went with the pop (white) background singers on such a landmark R&B hit, but knows that's why it hit so big. I assume this is the version Elvis most knew, but I've also seen mention of Lavern Baker's hit, too.

Oh, and this Chuck Willis hit version of "C.C. Rider" (recorded January 31, 1957) was listed as "by Chuck Willis" (something tells me Atlantic got a big chunk of that) and published by Hill and Range, BMI...........