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Is there no 2001 theme for Chinese Dragon

Tue May 20, 2003 9:29 pm

I didn't see the inclusion of the 2001 theme on the tracklisting. To me it's not the same w/out being able to picture Elvis coming on stage to that great opening. It sets the atmosphere . If it's not included I'll be bummed!


Tue May 20, 2003 9:43 pm

International message boards eh?

Being bummed is something else entirely in the North of England! :shock:

Tue May 20, 2003 9:43 pm

Darrell, I could not agree with you more.
An Elvis CD w/o the 2001 Theme is like reading a post by Curtis w/ every word spelled correctly - it just isn't the same!

Oh, from what I gather, alot of the shows recorded on soundboard are w/o the 2001 theme, simply because the sound engineer hardly ever recorded it. However, why couldn't FTD simply ad it to the beginning just like it ads songs from one show into another.

Wed May 21, 2003 8:27 am

i agree 2001 theme really sets the scene and without it straight into C.C.Rider isn't the same!

Wed May 21, 2003 9:12 am

You know Ernest can ' t win either way ! It ' s like the cat is in a Catch 22 situation ! You guys have just proven that people complain that there is no 2001 theme ( soundboard recorded ) and WHEN / IF an alternate 2001 gets tacked on , people , like yourselves , complain because you want a complete unedited concert ! :lol:

Wed May 21, 2003 11:20 pm

Adam, Did someone park a car on your freshly paved driveway this morning and cause you pain & suffering? :?

Come on, I am NOT complaining about no 2001 on the upcoming release, just saying that shows w/o it are not the same.

I'm positive I'll buy this release from FTD because I think they are doing a fine job and I want them to remain in existance.

By the way, my brother in law owns a paving company - I'm sure I can get you a much cheaper rate if you need repairs, LOL.......take care :lol: