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Chicken 45

SURPRISE!!  Every now and again a release comes along that doesn’t seem to be all that much…but turns out to be a REAL SHOCKER!!  This little 45 RPM record is a piece of history!!  Released on the Chicken Records 101 label in 1978, this record is the first release of Elvis, Scotty and Bills’ first performance on the Louisiana Hayride on October 16, 1954!!  The general public had, up until this time, never heard the now familiar performances…but this little 45 changed all that!! 

This 45 is very understated in terms of packaging; a funny little chicken graphic mimicking the RCA Dog Nipper listening to a gramophone.  The performance date on the label is incorrectly listed as December 1954, no big deal that’s for sure.  Side one contains “That’s All Right” complete with Frank Page’s introduction.  Side two contains Frank Page’s comments regarding Elvis, Scotty and Bill being rather new in the folk music field.  Upon “flipping the record over” they tear into the bluegrass standard “Blue Moon of Kentucky.”  What a shock it must have been to the traditional country-western fans in the audience!  This sound was different and the Hayride management noticed!!  Elvis, Scotty and Bill signed a one-year contract with the Hayride after the performance.  The rest is history!  This little 45 was the first to capture the magic of that first night of Elvis, Scotty and Bill on the Hayride! 

The sound quality is fantastic, very clear and well balanced and the record is a very clean pressing.  The 45 was counterfeited in 1979 on the same label, however the counterfeit is on red wax.  The original is on black wax.  The original is the collectors item because it was the first.  The red wax is nice to have if you like colored wax.  I was fortunate enough to stumble across a lot auction of 14 original copies a few years back on e-bay.  I got the lot at a decent price and they have been great trade items over the past few years!! 

In closing, don’t be a Chicken if you happen to run across a nice copy of this 45 at a record convention or record store.  This is a MUST HAVE for any serious Elvis vinyl collector, and even for the casual Elvis collector!

Ernie Boyes Jr.