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Madison Square Garden Press Conference Picture Disc

Well, I am assuming that this is an “ unofficial ” LP release given that it is not attributed to RCA/BMG, or anyone for that matter.  This was a lucky find in a local flea market along side a few other well known boot LPs in a bin of records that I was looking through, though I had never seen nor heard of this before. 

This nicely done 45 RPM 12'' picture disc is enclosed in a clear vinyl sleeve, to allow the picture disc to be seen. Both sides of this picture disc shown above has a photograph from the September 3rd, 1973 closing show in Las Vegas, NV.  The only designations are the matrix numbers pressed into the trail off, the sides being “EP PD – 19 – 1A” and “EP PD – 19 – B1” respectively. 

This LP contains Elvis’ Madison Square Garden press conference, though incomplete by at least 12-13 minutes.  Side one runs approx. 4 min 10 sec, and side two runs 3 min 35 sec, total time approx 7 min 45 sec.  I do believe we have this press conference in it’s entirety on a CD release. The pressing is of good quality with little surface noise, and the 45 RPM speed no doubt helps with the overall fidelity and sound quality of a less than perfect source tape. 

The LP begins with the introduction of Vernon Presley, followed by Elvis.  The sound quality is not that clear, the questions being asked are for the most part drowned out by background noise. However, on side 2 one of the ladies asking a few questions regarding a song writers dispute out of Nashville, is rather clear and understandable.  Perhaps this LP is produced from either this ladies’ personal source tape, or someone who was nearby to her in the press conference. There is one clear portion where there is a splice as applause abruptly erupts and a portion of what I believe to be Colonel Parker speaking repeats itself. 

While this LP is certainly not a huge revelation in terms of a complete source, the picture disc is a very nice touch, and its existence was a very nice surprise and a very fine addition to my modest LP collection. It is a nice little audiophile trinket including some of Elvis’ wit and sense of humor at the “ Madison Square Garden Press Conference ”.

Ernie Boyes Jr.