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Elvis Presley - From The Waist Up


“From the Waist Up” Golden Archives 56-57 GA 150 was released in 1976 and originated in the US.  This LP contains the three Ed Sullivan Appearances from September 9 1956, October 28 1956, and January 6, 1957. 

This material was released the previous year on the LP titled “The King Goes Wild”, which I have already reviewed.  While the original outing of this material is a definite must have, so is this issue.  The original release omitted Ed Sullivan’s comments during the second and third shows, however these comments are included on this release.  The cover features a full color photo of Elvis on stage circa 1955.  The back has six photos taken from the Ed Sullivan performances and nice liner notes putting these performances into perspective.  The original pressing came with a 23x31 inch poster of a cartoon Elvis and Ed titled “Elvis on TV in the 50’s”, as announced by the red sticker on the shrink-wrap.  The presentation of this release rivals that of any official commercial release, and that is what makes these high-quality bootlegs so much fun!! 

The sound quality is excellent, though limited in frequency range considering the sound was sourced from kinescopes of the original television broadcasts.  My current copy is still sealed.  I had a second copy, which I sold to a fellow collector a few years back, and from my recollection of having played the LP once; it is a quality pressing on good vinyl with minimal noise.  The label has the familiar “Treasure Chest of Music” theme, which aptly represents the majority of the Golden Archives label releases.  An anomaly of this release has been documented on the website; a few copies of this LP were mistakenly given labels from the 1978-79 Golden Archives release “Rockin’ Rebel” vol. 2.  Due to the quality of this LP it is not unlikely that it was repressed perhaps several times, which is a reasonable explanation for this label mix-up. 

In 1979, the Golden Archives label released the first Ed Sullivan show from a better source on the Rockin’ Rebel” vol. 3 LP.  The differences are in that the fidelity is slightly improved and also with the inclusion of the introductory remarks of Charles Laughton who was filling in for Ed on that evening. 

I certainly would recommend this LP.  Perhaps one of the most famous incidents surrounding Elvis took place on this program when, due to Ed Sullivan’s concerns about Elvis’ gyrations during his performances, Elvis was filmed only “From the Waist Up”…what a perfect title for this album!!

Ernie Boyes Jr.